Sunday, October 3, 2010

Living Good In October!

September 2010 went by really fast. The month was very interesting but fun. First, I have to admit that my weekly exercise routine drop off because I went on a two week vacation to Texas and enjoyed all the wonderful southern foods. No diet commercials to remind me not to eat sausages and pork skins. No one pushing me to get up every morning to exercise because it is good for me. No one skinny enough to remind me how important it is to maintain my weight. It was odd to think that being overweight is not a problem to my family in Texas. I saw how much love they have for themselves and how much they appreciate family. It was fun to be in a world of okay people.
Second, while I was on vacation one of my coworkers passed away. It was shocking and strange to think that I would not see this person again. He was found in his apartment died in front of his new 50 inch flat screen TV. My coworkers talked about how sad it was that he died alone but all I could think about was him wanting to be alone. My coworkers felt sorry for him but I did not because he live his life the way he want to live it. His death got me to thinking how important it is to do all the things you want to do. My deceased coworker wanted three things: New car-He got that, New flat screen TV-He got that, and a New IPhone-He got that. He had no plans of ever retiring or getting married. He enjoyed his life and never talked about wanting more out of it. He died at the age of 53 in front of his TV. Live Life!
Lastly, my life is wonderful and I'm still happy. It feels good to be comfortable with myself and life. For the month of October my plan is to get back into exercising and continue to have fun.
Exercise: All cardio and Pilate's
Pamper: 3 massages
Fun: Weekend trip to Santa Barbara, Gumbo Party with friends and family, Art and Wine Festival, Blogging once a week, Waiting for my best friend newborn to arrive, Enjoying my mother's visit.
To you all have a wonderful October and enjoy your life.

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  1. Oh Lyric, I'm so glad to see you're still around and doing well! I got back a bit over two weeks ago and am getting back on the wagon.

    I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker's death, and you're right that it does show the importance of living our lives how we want to. I'm glad you had a good vacation filled September. Here's to a great October!