Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Learning to Compete!

Accoring to webster: competing means to strive consciously or unconsciously for an objective (as position, profit,or a prize). This past Saturday during my cycling class I thought about being competitive. My cycling instructor was out so we had a sub. This guy was off the map. He had us riding our bikes like "mad men" being chased by a pack of hungry lions. Instantly, I went into shut down mode. This guy was teaching the class as if it was a race for a million dollars. His legs had to be moving about 100 miles a second. It was not fun at all. He was pushing us really hard and telling us to ride faster because we need to pass the 40 people ahead of us. I said "this is not why I came here today and I surly don't want to be in this race. I looked back at the clock 4 times just wishing the hour would go faster. Well, as you know it did not. It went really slow until I silently slapped myself. Now, I had already wasted 30 minutes being mad at the guy and I had 30 more minutes to get over myself. This is what I told myself: Compete! Be competitive with yourself. Work harder for yourself. Don't give in to the crazy lady inside. After that pep talk I went for it and completed the class like a champ. Well, my vision of a champ. I could kick myself for wasting so much time and acting like a big baby.

This "competitive" stuff got me thinking about my lack of competing. I have never been a competitive person because I did not believe in competing with others. My mother raised me to believe in myself and not to worry about others. I do not enjoy competing with others but I love being a cheerleader for them. I have no idea if I want to be competitive during my exercise routine. I really want to figure this competition thing out. I started to wonder if I had been more competitive in my early years could I have avoided being a fat girl.

I have questions:

How can I become a more competitive person? (exercise)

How do you all compete when it comes to exercise?

Still researching foods high in fiber: veggies

Artichoke, cooked - highest
Peas, cooked
Broccoli, boiled
Turnip greens
Sweet corn

Tomorrow exercise routine: weight lifting and boot camp

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Social Group Hates Boundaries!

Sorry but I truly thought the boundary conversation was over but it's back. Today, a few of my friends ask me "how did you drop so much weight?" I explained to them that two months ago I decided to workout and eat healthier. Most of my friends have been out of the loop because I decided not to take them down that road trip again.

Their next questions was "are you on a diet?" When I explained to them that I had set some food boundaries they looked at me like I was a wild woman running naked down the street. One said loudly "you must be off your rocker!" "Why are you doing that?" The other said "there goes our friendship!" and I turned and said are you guys serious. I ask them "do you really believe my food boundaries will change our friendship?" One said, hell yes! I ask "why do you all believe the friendship will change?" They all agreed that we would not have anything in common. This was like a stab in the heart with a twist. I could not believe that my girls would allow food to ruin the friendship. Okay, this is my reality and I am happy that it came out so soon. I tried to assure them that my new eating behaviors would not impact our relationship at all. They felt because of my changes they would have to set their own food boundaries. I asked them if they wanted to change their behavior and they all said, "no!" I told them that was fine with me and I am okay with their food choices. The girls seemed to be relieved and said they admired me and would support me 100%. This day was a huge turning point in my social life with the girls. Personally, I do not believe they support my food behaviors 100% and for me that is okay. This is my business and life. I can see less social dinners with them. Doctors tell drug addicts, smokers, and drinkers to find a new social group and that is what I have to do. My girls love to eat and eat. I have always been the healthiest eater in the group but I never had boundaries. This is not a big deal to me but it has made others feel uncomfortable. For me to make this work I must stay focus and not let others make me feel bad about my food choices. For the next 3 months I will monitor my social life and document how much it has changed. This might be a wonderful time to welcome some new healthier eaters into my life. This is all new but I am open to the changes.


OMG! my weight lifting instructor beat us down to the ground today. She made us do about 100 lunges, 100 squats, 100 chest press, 100 sit ups and push up, and 100 jumping jacks. This was a true 100% club. After the beating she told us that she loved us very much and pretended to give us a big huggi-hug. We all screamed and fell out. It was a really good class. This month she focused on endurance training to build up our stamina. My stamina has improved about 50% compared to 2 months ago when it was about 15%. I could not do 10 jumping jack but now I can do about 65. My friend and workout partner can do over 100 without breaking a sweat but she is 29 years old and she weighs 99 pounds. The hard work is paying off and I can wait to see myself at the beginning of the year. Next month we will focus on strength training.


I have been researching fruits high in fiber and here is what I found:

Raspberries - is the highest
Apple w/skin

These are all favorites of mine and will be eating more of them.

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Being On The Right Track"

Okay here is my food boundary list: cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, sweet ice tea, juices, all processed foods, all fried foods, and chips. This is it, the list in living color. I have lived with these boundaries for one week and to my surprise it was easy. There is more but these have been my favorite. I will ask this question every time "what is the nutritional value in this food?" It feels like a weight has lifted and it's hard to explain at this time. One thing I know is that I will never have to ask the worst question of all "why did I eat that?" It's a great day!
Back to what counts, my reduction in weight: The weight is melting off really fast. I can say good bye to size 20 and hello size 18. My underwear is very baggy, my bra is about 2 cup sizes smaller, my shirts are very roomy under the arms and around the lower waist, my chin and cheeks have separated, and I can see my feet when I look down. This is awesome and rewarding. The best of all my butt can fit in my coworkers chair now. That told the entire story. She has a skinny girl chair and I have never felt comfortable in it. Well, that has all changed.
For the rest of the week I will be researching food value and planning my routine for October. I am focusing on eating foods higher fiber and omega 3. Looking forward to the new month and a new routine.

This is cardio week: boot camp and weight lifting everyday. Good-bye September!
So happy to be on the right track!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Asking the Question Before I Eat!

I love this question, "what is the nutritional value?" because it has put me on the spot all this week. This question is holding me accountable for every bit of food that goes into my mouth. This question has power and it keeps me in control of my choices. I think about putting in all the hard work of exercise but tossing it out with my food choices. It's a waste of time but that has all changed. My food choices have gotten a lot better but I was still allowing myself to eat that cup of ice cream twice a week or that chocolate muffin every Saturday afternoon. I have justified it by saying "I worked out today it's okay" but knowing in the back of my brain it was not.
This is my take on the word "justifying" my bad behavior. It is abusive! There no justification for eating junk foods. Cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, fried foods, creams, butter, etc has no "nutritional value" at all so that is why I am setting boundaries. These foods can cause health problems overtime and lead to obesity. I am a product of this abusive behavior. Most people will say that these foods are not the enemy but for me, they have been because I have allowed them to be. I can not allow these foods to come and go in my life because it's like being in an abusive relationship. It's saying to myself, it's over now and good-bye! Never to look back or question. Never to miss the foods or crave them when I see them. Yes, there will be parties and holidays when these foods will cross my path but I will treat them like artwork, just look-don't touch. It's crazy but that is how my brain works. When it's over it over!
Everything I eat must be questioned up front. The foods must have a purpose like fiber, vitamins, minerals etc. It's about taking a moment to cherish self and appreciate all the hard work it has taken to drop the fat. I asked myself this question yesterday at the grocery store and I came out with bags of healthy foods. No snacks, canned foods, processed foods, sweets, or drinks. My bags had "value" !
What is better? asking myself up-front "what is the nutritional value?" or asking myself after the damage is done "why did I eat that?" I believe in prevention and avoiding the damage up front.
This weekends exercise will include: spinning, weight lifting and yoga.
Pampering moments: 1 hour spa massage and reading.
Researching the value of foods.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nutritional Value vs. Boundaries!

I am very happy to be back blogging. My computer was down for a few days. I really missed you all!

Thanks to all for the positive feedback regarding boundaries vs moderation. This week I was able to put my boundary list in play. My list will includes foods with no "nutritional value". By valuing what goes into my body I will never have to ask myself "why did you eat that?" I attended a wedding party on Tuesday and I was able to walk away from the cake without hesitation. I munched out on the fruit in the picture. It was a rewarding feeling. Yesterday, at work a coworker brought in donuts for the office and I was able to stay away. I can not justify eating these foods so that is why they must be on this list. I will have a short list on Monday.

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Boundary vs Moderation"

According to the website dictionary online the word "boundary" means, something that indicates a border or limit.

When I think of the word boundary a picture of a house surrounded by a fence comes into view. I have been a pro at setting boundaries when it comes to people but not when it comes to food. I have two boundary categories when it comes to people.

Cat 1: Shield boundary - this category is flexible. I can move the shield up and down when necessary. Everyone I meet starts out in this category.

Cat 2: Wall boundary - this category is not flexible. You have no chance of breaking it down or climbing over it. Folks in this category has cause me a lot of unnecessary drama and pain. These folks are toxic and not good for my soul because they have proven themselves to be this way. Fortunately for me, I can count less than 5 people that fit in this category.

So, I started to think about boundaries and food. The media and health authors will say, "eat in moderation". According to dictionary online the word "moderation" means within reasonable limits, not excessive or extreme. That is fine but there should be more to the story. To me, moderation is not the word to use when it comes to food. I have decided to use the word "boundaries" and to put certain foods in the boundary category. For me, looking back over the years the word moderation has been my down fall. Moderation is an easy out to get off track and continue to make the same mistakes. I would not tell a person addictive to drugs to only us in moderation. My moderation is different from my neighbors. That word has to be tossed out when it comes to my health. It's all or none. I need to see foods in the boundary category. So the question is "which foods have contributed to my weight gain?" Which foods qualify for the "category 2-wall boundary?"

It's easy to put people in categories because their actions are mostly direct. If a person continues to cause you drama, they lie, they cheat, or just toxic you can make that boundary decision right way or overtime. For me food is harder to categorize. I do not believe only junk food will cause you to be fat. If a person consumed only ice cream for 1 month, I do not think they will gain weight. I believe they will lose because ice cream is the only food eaten. Now, they might feel sick for that month. So, for me to put certain foods in category 2 I must be willing to put that wall up and never bring it down. To do this I must go real deep inside and think about my food decisions. What will happen to my social life? What about parties? What about the holidays? What about my cravings? When eating in moderation you don't have to think as hard because there is flexibility. For me flexibility with certain foods have caused me trouble. I believe eating with boundaries might be hard at first but knowing the list will make it easier in the end. I want to be at peace with the foods I eat from this day on. It sucks to look back after eating and saying "why did I eat that?" It's time to think about the foods that cause us to make that statement. It's time for food boundaries!

"The Wall" category is very final. So, for the next week I am going to make a list of all the foods that deserve to be in this category. I will post the list next Monday. It's going to be interesting because I will be negotiating with myself. Cake over cookies, chips over ice cream, fried chicken over mashed potatoes w/gravy. I have to think about my life which includes social events and times when I crave certain foods. Are there options? What are my options? Yes, this is extreme but I need to make these decisions now. I feel happy about it because once the decision is made I will not have to think about it again. It's like saying no to trouble before it happens. The purpose of having boundaries is to protect and take care of ourselves. This must be done!

This week exercise routine: 3 weight lifting classes, 1 Yoga, 1 Pilate's, 1 Boot Camp, 1 Cycling and 1 Aqua

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Holiday Pep-Talk

Today my "core central" instructor talked to us about getting ready for the holidays. According to new research, during the holiday season the average American will gain 8 pounds between October 15 - January 15. Researchers also found that the average American will reduce their exercise routine by 50% because of holiday parties and shopping. She encourage us to put ourselves first during this time.

Her advice to us was the following:

1. Make a promise to workout and eat healthy during this time.

2. Weigh yourself at least once a week to stay on track.

3. Keep food portions small and drink plenty of water.

4. Consult a trainer if the routine is off track.

My instructor is very current on the new research because she just graduated in June with a dual Master in Nutrition and Kinesiology. It appears she really cares about our health and well being.

Picture: I took this picture in Central Park, New York during one of my $169.00 round trip flight from San Diego to New York. If the price is right I will fly almost anywhere. I was there for only 3 days and I had a blast! I was able to visist all the tourist spots and eat at a few awesome restaurant's. New York is on my favorite top 5 cities visited. My 1st and all time favorite was Washington, D.C. and Chicago is my 2nd favorite.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life vs. Lifestyle

The word "lifestyle" according to yahoo eduction is "a way of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.

I have decided not to use this word to describe my way of reducing my weight, because the word is not permanent. Maintaining a lifestyle can be difficult at times since it will involve certain sacrifices at one point or another. Lifestyles can change in a matter of minutes.

Dropping the weight has not been difficult or a sacrifice for me at all. Yes, in the beginning I was in a battle with fat girl and skinny girl. But now, reducing my weight is part of my "life" because I, live it, breath it, smell it, taste it, hear it, own it, care about it, acknowledge it, love it and will die for it. This word "lifestyle" represent my, house, car, clothes, vacations, and spa weekends.

Obesity is not a brand name or a fade. It should not be bought or sold. So that is why I decided not to call it a "lifestyle change".

This is my life!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Thank You"

This is a "Thank You" post today. These two little words have been on my brain for the past 3 days. So "thank you":
Andrea is the instructor that teach my "weight training and Pilate's classes" (10 classes a month). Thank you for your butt blasters, lunges, squats, 3 minute cardio routine x 4, sit-ups, push-ups, and giving great advice on how to stay motivated and focus.
Arabella is the instructor that teach my "core central" class (4 classes a month). Thank you for those million and two jumping jacks, 10 laps x 3, leaps 20 x 2, hops 25, and skull crushers 40. Thank you for showing up for class last week on your death bed to kick our butts. True dedication on your part.
Anna is the instructor that teach my "spin class" (4 classes a month). Thank you for teaching our class despite your doctors order to stay off the bike for another six month. I appreciate your true dedication to the class and the spiritual words you bring to the class. Thank you for building that fire inside of us so we can burn fat all day.
My Employer - the company I work for. Thank you for being one of the best companies in this city and state. Thank you for the benefits which includes my gym membership at a 50% discount. Thank you for all the educational classes on "healthy living to become a better you".
My Family and Friends you all have been my rock. Thank you for all the love, support and encouragement. You guys have been on this road trip for many years and I really appreciate you all so much.
My Blogging family thank you all for stopping by my blog leaving words of support. This is a wonderful community and I am so bless to have found it.
Saying "Thank You" is my therapy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Benefits of Pilates!

Sunday started out with a Pilates class in the morning. The class proved to live up to its benefits which includes the following: improve strength, flexbility, balance, tone, and challenge deep abdominal muscles to the support the core. My abdominals and legs muscles are very sore today. The soreness is shocking because of my weekly workout rountine; it goes to show that I still have muscles that need to be worked.

Pilates is part of my workout routine to enhance my physical appearance, in other words it's a great class for molding and shaping. Pilates can not stand alone when it comes to dropping weight, so strength training and cardio must be part of a weekly workout plan.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Because the Doctor Said!

This picture represent the end of my road trip. By the time this house in Seattle, WA looks like this again I will be down 30 pounds (%) and celebrating the end of my weight loss road trip. This picture was taken in late January during one of Seattle's lovely snow days. The holidays are coming!

Saw my doctor this morning for a sinus infection that went into my left ear. My ear was so bad that she called in her physician interns to take a look for future problems like this. By their reaction, my ear made their day worth while. Okay, just heal me doctors! She put me on a nasal spray, antibiotic and sinus tabs to clear this mess up. She could not believe how much fluid was behind my eardrum. I have had this condition for two weeks so I decided to make the appointment. My belief is that the fires in Los Angeles are causing a lot of people here to have sinus problems because of all the ash in the air. Los Angeles is 100 miles north of us so it is crazy to think how far ash can travel. My friend has to clean the ash out of her pool everyday.

Next we talked about my weight. I ask for a weight recommendation. She looked at me and said that she is okay with my weight because I exercise and eat well. I mentioned that I was trying to drop 110 pounds, she flipped-out. She said "absolutely not" I was shocked with her response. I stood up for her and she took some measurements and recommended 30 pounds with caution. She explained that I appear to be smaller than I am because of my height and bone structure. Because of me positive attitude about life and my body image she feels comfortable with my weight as it is today, but because I want to shape up she agreed that reducing the fat over my belly, inner thighs and butt would not be a bad idea. She agreed that I would not be considered an obese person in the medical world because of the way I appear to carry my weight. To my surprise there is no documentation about me being obese in my chart of 18 years but it does mention my concerns with maintaining weight and exercising over the years. The 30 pound recommendation has to do with shaping and molding my body. She believes if I drop this amount of fat I would be even happier with life and fit in my clothes a lot better. So, according to her a 110 pound drop in weight could harm me in the end. Finally, she told not to worry about what researcher recommend as the ideal weight.

Wow, Wow, Wow, total shocker to my plan. This changes everything for the better because I will reach my goal sooner then planned. My plan is to work just as hard as before. I would love to have this body molded by the end of January or before the first snow storm in Seattle, WA. My body fat stands at 48 so by reducing it by 30% would put me at 18%. This might sound crazy but I will look at 30 pounds as 30% fat reduction. It's about peeling off the layers.

Despite of my sinus problem I made it to my weight lifting class. I was not part of the 100% club but I was there just working out at 82%. The instructor had her own sinus problems that sent her to the ER just three hour before class. They gave her a shot in the butt and sent her home. She could not find a sub for her class so she came but taught the class without doing the exercises. True dedication on her part. My hero for the day!

So happy right now.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Asking a Stranger!

My friend would like for me to stop calling myself fat girl. She said that girl is gone. My friend lives outside of this blog so she is coming from a different view point. She would like for me to ask 10 strangers the following question "Do I appear to be a fat girl?". I had to laugh out loud because it sounds ridiculous but it's not. She thinks it will mean more for me to hear it from a strangers because there is no love there. Although my doctor is not a stranger I will talk to him tomorrow about my weight. He has never commented on my weight or requested that I go on a diet. He would just like for me to exercise and eat healthy foods. So I will have more information after my visit.

On the flip side, I have a dear friend that is struggling with her weight in Los Angeles. She explained to me how embrassed she is to see all of her old friends because of the weight. It is out of control and she just want to hide from all of us. I told her that we love her and we want to see her but she is just putting us off. She has always been heavy but since she married and moved to LA she has gained an additional 50 to 60 pounds over two years. I don't want to be pushy but I would really love to see her. Her birthday is Saturday and I we all want to visit her but she refuse to get back with us to make plans. This is all new to me and it is hard to deal with. During my heaviest time my friends meant the most to me and I wanted to be around them. Well, I will leave it up to her and hope she understands that we love her and the weight means nothing. I'm looking for answers.

Workout this week is on track: boot camp, weights, yoga, Jumba and pier run

Food department: Doing really good in this area. no cravings for KFC hot wings, burritos or sweets. I made some homemade muesli that is really good for breakfast. It's an alternative to the ever day oatmeal kick. Still making veggie soup, turkey chili, white bean soup w/chicken and greens for the week. These are my foundation meals for the week.

Just started a new book "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier last night. It was hard put down because of the awesome one-liners by the narrator. I can not wait to visit the book tonight.

I finished "The Great Gatsby" last week after having it for less than a week. I could not put it down because of all of the drama. This reading thing is all new to me. I went to school in Texas during the 80's and I do not recall reading any of the classics. My friend from Texas agreed with me that the classics were not required reading. I feel cheated and out of touch. According to my younger friends (20 somethings) the classics were required in school and they have read mostly all of them. I decided to print the classic book list out and start from the top. "The Great Gatsby" was the first one the list. There are hundreds on this list so like the weight, I will take it one day at a time. I believe reading will help me become a better writer and speller. It's never to late to educate!

Keep it moving!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Confronting Boredom!

How do you deal with boredom? Yesterday was my first time confronting this emotion. According to wikipedia: Boredom (noun) is an emotional state experience during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the opportonities surrounding them. This is true and I experienced this yesterday.

My history with the word bored goes back to my childhood. My mother would not allow myself and my three siblings to use the word bored. As far as my mother was concern this word was a curse-word and those were not allowed. If she heard the word which was rarely used, she would say "you are not allowed to be bored because there is always something to do" and she was right because she would always find something for us to do and it was not fun. So for me growing up I never recognized when I was bored and I think this has a lot to do with me being overweight. No, this is not my moms fault because I was a skinny kid growing up.

Yesterday, I went to the gym with a plan to do 35 minutes of free-weights and walk on the treadmill for 20 minute. Mission accomplished and I had the entire day to do nothing. That is when the problem started. Now for the past 8 - 12 weeks I have had weekend plans so boredom did not have time to show it's face. But yesterday the boredom train hit me hard. I watched television, cleaned house, talked on the phone, and watch more television. During the time I was watching television I felt the need to eat. I went for the blueberries, the next time I went for the peach, the next time I went for the grapes, (I have no junk food in my house at all-thank God), after that I wanted some pasta with chicken so I had that, after that I wanted........ After two hours of this back and forth game I stopped and said to myself "are you bored? and if you are, why?" That was it! Stop! But why food? Why not go for a walk or take a nap. I did not want to shop. I had gone to the gym. I had finished reading "The Great Gatsby" - awesome book. So why food? Here's my answer: eating is a quick fix and a distraction from boredom. Eating is an act of suppression and an act of distracting. So in the future I will take my mothers advice not to allow myself to become bored. I need to always have a plan to stay active even if it means taking a nap. What happen yesterday is a blessing and a lesson learned for future free days. Food can not be my distraction. Confronting and acknowledging boredom is the key to a happier and healthy life.

This is week is all about "bootcamp" and "free-weights". I feel the need to run so I will confront the pier. It's easier to run now because I have less belly fat. For the first time in years I can see my feet when I look down. Happy Dancing!

Going for it all!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dropping Fat not Weight!

Lets keep the beach theme going because it's almost Labor Day. Happy about having a long weekend. For the first time in 8 weeks I have nothing planned for the weekend and I am okay with that.
Good news on "operation fat blaster" my fat percentage is down again (3%) because of all that cardio and weight lifting. My weight is still up because of the increase in muscle tissue and that is okay with me. It's really hard not to focus on the weight because that is what I have been conditioned to watch for so many years. It's just a new way thinking.
Yesterday after class a lady yelled for attention across the parking lot. I stopped, she approached and said "Wow! you look wonderful, you have lost a bunch of weight. What is your secret?" Now, I had no idea who this lady was but I have seen her in the past. She works in the area and she has seen me many times. I replied with a jolly smile, there is no secret just true dedication and love for myself. She explained how her weight issue is starting to cause health problems. I asked her the following question "are you ready to make a lifestyle change?" She was perplexed and not willing to answer the question. I told her to sit down and make a weight lost plan for one month that she could commit too. She agreed that it is important to know why you want to do something. I also encouraged her to pick up a 15 day fitness pass at the local gym before signing a contract. The lady seemed very grateful as we said good-bye. I hope to see her soon.
Kickboxing tonight for the fat rolls. Tomorrow is a pamper day at the spa (Vichy shower body scrub) with a friend. I can not wait!
Enjoy Labor Day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can You Do It?

Someone ask, "can I do it?" and my aswer was "Hell Yes!" There is nothing to do but to do it. It's total logic to me. Being fat girl is irritating, uncomfortable, bothersome and annoying. They all mean the same but that is fat girl to me. Doing the work is the best part of my road trip because it is for me. Finally!

My heart and mind can not wait to see skinny girl. I have not seen her in 20 years. She is my driving force to the end.

Click and see the pier! My goal is to run it without stopping before the end of the month. It's very long but I can do it and I will!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Month - New Beginnings!

Hello September! My mind and body is new and well. This morning I woke-up feeling skinny again. Taking up less space than last month and looking leaner as well. I would love to bottle this feeling and giving away. My hard work is paying off mentally and physically. Dropping this weight is my first priority. It takes dedication, discipline, structure, strength, faith and a true love for self. I had to acknowledge all my distractions and past failures to get here. Understanding the difference between fat girl and skinny girl is the key to the new me. Like I wrote in my earlier postings, fat girl was my distraction and my out. She made it okay to skip workouts and overeat for no reason. I was not okay with that life. My road is still long but I have direction now. I am in the 100% club and failure is not an option.
Here is my plan for the month: 1. Give myself a big hug for having a successful month and sticking with my plan. 2. Eat only complex carbs which includes: spinach, greens, cabbage, broccoli, oatmeal, brown rice and many more. 3. Cut out the simple carbs which includes: table sugar, cake, cookies, white flour and many more. 4. Tossing the salt shaker and butter out. 5.Read one health article a day. 6. Do one new exercise move per week. 7. Add 2 aqua aerobics and 2 Pilate's classes to the monthly workout schedule. 8. Sign up for 2 indoor rock climbing classes. I will continue with my 8 weight lifting classes, 4 TKB classes, 3 Yoga classes, 2 Boot Camp classes and 4 Spinning classes. For extra fun I will add 2 Jumba and 1 Hip Hop classes to my schedule. Pamper myself with 2 massages and 1 Vichy Shower body scrub treatment. It looks overwhelming but I have made it's part of my life. This is me putting myself first. I want to make these 30 days count.
My goal is to drop between 6-10% body fat this month. My body fat is at 48% as of today. I am looking forward to my new body.
I kicked off the month with a weight lifting class. The class is getting easier so I need to increase the weights. The instructor worked us out really hard and told us that she loved us. She wanted us to know that she could feel our pain. All I heard was moans and groans. That work out had nothing to do with love. It was hell on earth!
It's time to make it happen.....