Thursday, September 10, 2009

Because the Doctor Said!

This picture represent the end of my road trip. By the time this house in Seattle, WA looks like this again I will be down 30 pounds (%) and celebrating the end of my weight loss road trip. This picture was taken in late January during one of Seattle's lovely snow days. The holidays are coming!

Saw my doctor this morning for a sinus infection that went into my left ear. My ear was so bad that she called in her physician interns to take a look for future problems like this. By their reaction, my ear made their day worth while. Okay, just heal me doctors! She put me on a nasal spray, antibiotic and sinus tabs to clear this mess up. She could not believe how much fluid was behind my eardrum. I have had this condition for two weeks so I decided to make the appointment. My belief is that the fires in Los Angeles are causing a lot of people here to have sinus problems because of all the ash in the air. Los Angeles is 100 miles north of us so it is crazy to think how far ash can travel. My friend has to clean the ash out of her pool everyday.

Next we talked about my weight. I ask for a weight recommendation. She looked at me and said that she is okay with my weight because I exercise and eat well. I mentioned that I was trying to drop 110 pounds, she flipped-out. She said "absolutely not" I was shocked with her response. I stood up for her and she took some measurements and recommended 30 pounds with caution. She explained that I appear to be smaller than I am because of my height and bone structure. Because of me positive attitude about life and my body image she feels comfortable with my weight as it is today, but because I want to shape up she agreed that reducing the fat over my belly, inner thighs and butt would not be a bad idea. She agreed that I would not be considered an obese person in the medical world because of the way I appear to carry my weight. To my surprise there is no documentation about me being obese in my chart of 18 years but it does mention my concerns with maintaining weight and exercising over the years. The 30 pound recommendation has to do with shaping and molding my body. She believes if I drop this amount of fat I would be even happier with life and fit in my clothes a lot better. So, according to her a 110 pound drop in weight could harm me in the end. Finally, she told not to worry about what researcher recommend as the ideal weight.

Wow, Wow, Wow, total shocker to my plan. This changes everything for the better because I will reach my goal sooner then planned. My plan is to work just as hard as before. I would love to have this body molded by the end of January or before the first snow storm in Seattle, WA. My body fat stands at 48 so by reducing it by 30% would put me at 18%. This might sound crazy but I will look at 30 pounds as 30% fat reduction. It's about peeling off the layers.

Despite of my sinus problem I made it to my weight lifting class. I was not part of the 100% club but I was there just working out at 82%. The instructor had her own sinus problems that sent her to the ER just three hour before class. They gave her a shot in the butt and sent her home. She could not find a sub for her class so she came but taught the class without doing the exercises. True dedication on her part. My hero for the day!

So happy right now.....


  1. That's fantastic!! I would have hugged that doctor!!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Wow, that's wonderful! It's hard to find doctor's like that! She sounds great.

  3. Congratulations on the good news!

    It sounds like you have a fabulous doctor. I swear if I ever move out to LA I'm going to try to convince you to give me her number.