Monday, August 31, 2009

New Month-Making it Better!

This will be a short post. New month brings a new set of ideas and plans for my weight lost road trip. My goal for September is to clean up my diet. This will include adding more grains and veggies and reducing my in-take of carbs and sweets. On the exercise front my plans are to re-arrange my cardio classes and add more outdoor activities. I plan to weigh-in tomorrow and take my body measurements. I love this time of the month because I get to do it all over again but better. This is a joyful day!

Exercising on the beach was so rewarding and a breath of fresh air. I jogged for about 15 minutes and did 150 jumping jacks. I also did a few yoga moves to balance it all out. The time (1 1/2 hour) went so fast. It was so peaceful.
Will have more tomorrow....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good for the Soul!

This weekend is all about enjoying the outdoors. My plans are to take a jog on the beach tomorrow and Saturday instead of going to the gym. I need the ocean to clear my head and sinuses. Spending time on the beach is the best therapy for me. The water is so beautiful and peaceful that on most occasions I find myself tearing-up. My tears are not sad tears but tears of joy and appreciation for being on this earth.

One of my favorite times of the year is sitting on the beach in April with my best friend. We can just sit out there for hours and not say a word. We love nature because of the peace it brings to our souls.

I thank the heavens for the gift of nature.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fire Within!

My spin instructor talked about the "fire within" and how it must be part of our daily routine. At the beginning of every class she ask us to give her the first 20 minutes.

She went on to explain how it takes at least 20 minutes to get the "fire within" started. The warm-up is the strike of the match or the stick against the rock. The striking of the match is not always easy and it can take about 5 to 7 minutes to get a spark. Once the spark is light you must fan the spark to light the fire. This can take about 5 minutes. Once the heat enters the "fire within" grows inside and the body is ready to roll. She said the fire must be out of control for at least 30 minutes for the body to burn fat. After 45 minutes she takes us down to the cooling off point. During this time the fire is smoldering. She explained that a smoldering body, is a fat buring body all day. That is all good to me!

My goal is to keep that fire going because in the end my body will be rewarded.

Push for that "fire within"!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being Overweight On The Job!

Since, the healthcare reform is a hot topic I started thinking how important it is more than ever to drop the weight. I talked with my dear friend about employers rejecting people because of their weight. The airlines are requiring overweight people to buy an extra seat. At JC Penney's the plus sizes are marked up about $5 more than misses and petite sizes. So here we go!

There is nothing in the law that will keep employers from discriminating against overweight people. I believe with this new healthcare reform the employers would be required to keep their employees healthy and turn down the overweight folks. I must say that I am for health coverage for all but I do have concerns. My employer is pushing the "healthy lifestyle" campaign: fitness club discount, free yoga classes, walking clubs, healthy food tips, health screenings w/reductions in insurance premiums and many more good things to support a better lifestyle. Over 90% of the employees are taking part in this campaign. Wonderful for us.

When I was hired over 18 years ago I was required to see a nutritionist before reporting to work. I was about 50 pounds lighter and I felt like a true skinny girl. At the time I did not care because I had nothing to fear because I had experience and youth on my side. Now, I have to bring more to the table and I would hate to be turned down for a job because of my weight. Before people had to worry about lack of education, age, experience, sex, gender and race. People in their late 50's and 60's are really worried. I have met a few older people that are planning on getting face lifts and lipo to stay in the running for their jobs because they can not afford to retire now. That is reality!

My friend told me to get it under control. Being overweight is a sign of not having control over your life and employers look at that when hiring and promoting. I had to agree with her and that is why I'm on this road trip. There is no reason to be overweight in this day and time. I would love to see the true benefits of being overweight. I am overweight and I can not list one. We are more educated and we have all the tools we need to drop the weight. We need to just do it!

Weight lifting was great. I ask the instructor to kick my butt in the abs and obliques department. She turned the class up side down. I wanted to give up but the desire to be in the 100% class was high. The instructor looked over at me with a smile and said "you wanted it." I did but not like that. My body was in pain. I need my Yoga tonight.

Let's make it happen!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Live Now and Rest When You Die!

This is one of my favorite pictures, of course taken by me! This is my vision of heaven. This photo is called "Where the flowers meet the sky."

My weekend was awesome and very productive in both the workout and play department. Okay, that Jumba workout was way more than fun because my body was so sore the next day. That workout falls into my silent body slam category. Kick butt without you knowing it.

My Saturday spin class was soooo hard. The instructor had us out of the saddle almost the entire class. This workout worked my legs and abs to their max. She told us to rest when we die. We should live and play hard all the time. Of course, I decided to take a rest and sit back in the saddle. I said to myself "lady it's not my time to die" but it is time to rest. Her passion for life is so strong because of her accident over six months ago. She was on bed rest for three months trying to heal her internal wounds. Being confined to a bed is no joke. It really makes you appreciate your life and the time you have. I can truly understand her desire to live now and rest when you die. This is how I live my life everyday and I love it!

So my spa treatment was heavenly and energizing. I had a full body massage to relax my sore muscles. Having a spa treatment is part of my workout as well because my muscles need to be pampered after all the hard workouts. The therapist worked out some sore spots in my hips and legs. My body felt new and ready to go. My next treatment is my favorite, the Vichy shower with body scrub in two weeks. Joy!

Well, my rock climbing adventure is on hold for now. The class was booked because of the summer break. The instructor told me to try back after Labor Day because all the kids will be back in school. So, since I could not rock climb I decided to take a road trip with a friend to Los Angeles for the best southern food in the state. We jumped in the car like Thelma and Louise and headed north 120 miles. Yes, crazy but typical for me and my friends! We had the best time just talking and laughing about any and everything. With Sunday's traffic it took us about two hours but on a normal day it would take about 1 1/2 hours because all my friends drive really fast. Hell, mostly everybody in southern California drive fast. The highway rule is - you keep up with the traffic so if the traffic is rolling at 85 you roll at that speed. That is the rule. Our meal was worth the drive - smothered chicken, mac & cheese, cornbread and greens. My friend ordered three dinners to take home. For me one dinner was enough. Skinny girl is on my side. So we said good-bye to Los Angeles and made it home in time to watch our favorite show "Big Brother". Awesome day!

Today's workout was all about free weights and jumping rope for cardio. I was doing research on weight lifting and found the following benefits: This is my 4th week of lifting

Stronger muscles: I agree-I can hold my planks and downs dogs in yoga for over 1 minute

Toning & Reshaping: I agree-My legs and arms are changing for the better

Strength & Balance: I agree-I have bumped the weights up from 5 to 8 pds. Balance ?

Bone Strength & Density: Not sure because this is internal. That would be good news

Weight Loss: I agree 100% - My fat % has dropped over 5% since I started 4 weeks ago

Improves sleeping pattern- Not sure because I never had a problem sleeping

Increase lean body mass- I agree because I am looking taller and leaner

Improves heart rate - I agree 100% my heart recovery time is much faster

Improves posture - I agree because my friend said I look taller

In the past my goal was to avoid lifting weights and doing abs, but now that I see the benefits of them both I cant live without them. It's the total package!

Will continue.....

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Zumba Time"

It's time to "Zumba" This is a new fitness class at my gym. Yes, I had to try it and to my surprise it was fun. Really, it was a cute little class. Of course, I had no plans at all to take the class this morning. After getting my "car smogged" :-( it passed of course but it is a total inconvenience and it is a costly expense. No more venting about California car laws because I love this state. So I walked in and saw all these happy people dressed like belly dancers. In my head I was like okay this is a little to much for me but of course I had to stay. This was the happiest workout I have ever attended. The air felt breezy and cheery.
The instructor had a bunch of energy and she was really enjoying her job. She took us around the world and back in an hour. We worked out in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Africa - (my favorite), and you will not believe even Texas, U.S. Each country had its own song and dance.
This class was like going clubbing on a Friday morning without the drinks. I love all the dances from Africa and Brazil. Total body toner for the abs, butt and legs. This class made me want to book a flight. The Brazil moves are really sexy and fast. I can understand why those folks have banging bodies.
Okay, now lets talk about the Texas moves. The instructor should have tossed me off the floor. I was so bad. Texas is my home state - born and raised there. I had no idea how to do those country dances. OMG, I could not stop laughing at myself. I felt and looked like a fool when she told us to "kick up" our heels and do the two-step. My best friend from Texas would have slapped me silly. It is still funny to me right now :-).....I can not stop smiling.
This is a wonderful class and I highly recommend it! It's a nice change from all the hard stuff.
Tomorrow: Spin class and day at the spa with friends.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank You!

Thanks again Hadley for the nice award. It made my day. I would also like to thank all my followers and visitors. Your comments are very up lifting!

Farewell to Size 22!

My clothes are getting really big. It's time for me to start donating. I will never return to a size 22 again. The jeans I have on are falling off and it feels good. Lots of air around my legs, belly and butt. Tonight I will toss these jeans into the charity box.

I can not wait to see the real person under this body fat. It's like waiting 10 months for a baby to come. She is waiting to be born but I have to continue the work. My scale showed today a drop of 6 pounds since the other day. My body fat has drop 2% as well. This is happening so fast. I believe by shaking up my workout routine weekly is causing the weight to fall off really fast. Everyday I expose my muscles to a new routine. The shake-up is working. "It's a shake down, shake down."

After my weight lifting class today I ask the instructor about belly fat. She said not to do crunches everyday because the muscle under the fat will build fast and cause the layer of fat to stick out more. She encourage me to do lots of cardio exercises and continue to eat smaller portions. Her body is amazing.

Eating department: Banning pasta from my diet for two weeks. No particular reason just trying to shake that up too. I plan to add a new veggie this weekend.

Will continue......

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Transforming Body!

This day started out strange. I woke-up with no thoughts in my head or comments. That for me is very usual because I think a lot while sleeping. I felt out of place with myself and this weight lost. At this time I can not explain my feelings. Okay, 7 pounds sounds so small but seeing it off of me is unbelievable. I am just speechless right now which is very rare for me.

My body is becoming very curvy in the love handle area. Before my hips, butt and tummy was one (fat rolls). Now, each part of my body has its own home It's really hard to explain. My body has never look like this. Very strange to see!

The boot camp class was worth the wait yesterday. My favorite part was running. I think in my past life I was a runner because whenever I start working out I always want to run. I'm not a fast runner at all but it feels really good to "cut the wind" with my body. My oldest sister ran track when she was in high school in the early 80's and she would always drag me out of bed at 5 a.m. to run with her (well she ran and I walked) at the nearby bayou. I remember those foggy and cold morning like it was yesterday. Thanks sis!

Today was Yoga and man did my body need it. I did half the class with my eyes close because I wanted to be in the zone. I love doing planks and down dogs because it makes my back and hips feel so loose. My arms are getting stronger everyday because I was able to hold the plank position for about 1 minute.

I signed up for a rock climbing class this weekend. According to medical researchers rocking climbing enhances: strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. I can check this one off my things to do list before I die.

Will continue......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Paying Off!

This is what all the hard work is about. I have lost a total of 7 pounds and 4.8% body fat since July 29. Let me tell you how it feels to have dropped 7 pounds: I am taking up less space, I walk much faster without being out of breath, my pants are baggy around my waist and butt, my shirts are loser around my belly, armpits and breast, my energy level is at an all time high, my love handles are not hanging over my hips and the best of all my heart rate has decrease to a normal level. It feels wonderful.

Yesterday, I was reading a fellow blogger impression of the scale and it's impact on our mental state. I agreed with her comments on how this tool can make or break your spirits. Ironically, this morning I hopped on the scale and saw that I had gone up in weight and body fat. I held it together by not reacting but thinking that something had to be wrong with this machine. So, I decided to change the batteries because it has been over two years. Hopped on again nothing changed so I took the batteries out to let it reboot. While the machine was rebooting I thought to myself "this scale has to be wrong because my clothes are baggy and I look thinner." This machine is just wrong on so many levels. This is me talking to myself about a machine that runs on batteries. This little machine has so much power and of course I really wanted to prove it wrong. So after ten minutes of rebooting and crazy talk to myself I put the batteries in and hopped on again. The machines wins again. Yes, this is getting crazy! So pull out the manual and read about rebooting the system. The manual states the scale should be reprogrammed with my height and age at less once a month. So that is what I did and that is what I got - weight lost of 7 pounds. What a very happy day for me. That little devil machine is powerful!

After my crazy moment I decided to reward myself with a nice spa bath to reflect on my past and future goals. Skinny girl loves to pamper herself with spa treatments. My plan is start over fresh as if this was the first day of my weight lost road trip. I have 104 mile to go. My goal is to add more weight lifting classes and a variety of cardio classes like spinning, boot camp, swimming and circuit training. I would also like to start rock climbing this month to strengthen my upper and lower body as well as exercise my brain.

Last night I did a weight lifting class. The instructor was new and she brought some different moves to the class. At first I did not think the workout was productive but when I got home my body told me how productive the class was. Painful muscles! This lady had use working every muscle in our body. I'm going to call her the silent killer because she comes across very mink but in the end she slams your body all around the room until you pass out. It was awesome! Today, is boot camp and I'm going to try a new instructor. I have all my workout gear so let the games begin!

This blog has been a wonderful place for me to talk about my wieght lost road trip. I would like to thank all the new followers and comments they really help.

Good news from my Cardiologist office! She was very pleased with my weight lost and my blood pressure - 120/80. She has given me the okay to stop the blood pressure medicine for good. According to her my heart sounds very happy. She would like for me to continue to exercise and drop the weight and monitor my blood pressure every day. My Cardiologist was never on my about weight because the weight did not cause me to have high blood pressure. This is a great day for all my family and friends whom have been with me since my kidney surgery that caused me to go on the blood pressure medicine almost 2 years ago. Thanks to all of you guys for your love and support. It's a great day!

Will continue......

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Cheerleaders!

Saturday, I lost my mind! I went to my 8:00 a.m. spinning class and kicked butt. Speaking of the butt and the bike, the butt is winning in the pain department. I think the butt is getting use to riding on that hard seat because the paid is down from a 10 to a 4. That pain of the seat is a big turn off but I think of the benefits in the end. I figure in about two more weeks the pain should be at 1. I can not wait. The class was a burner as the instructor calls it. She is still walking about give us the push talk that really helps. "Houston" we have a complainer in class: this chick was upset with the instructor because she was not using the bike, she talked about how the lady was sweating while walking around giving us direction. OMG, I wanted to say "shut your month little baby" this is not all about you. But I held my words like a good girl. When the instructor came in all happy the girl face went stone. She was mad for the entire class. After class myself and five other ladies went up to the instructor to tell her thank you for doing the class. She really appreciated the words. Our instructor was hit by a car six months ago while riding her bike. She is still recovery from it. This woman has so much energy and she is a great motivator.

So, I was still pumped up and wanting more cardio. I could not believe it so I signed up for the 10 a.m. Kick Boxing class. I decided to grab some breakfast at the local cafe to pass the time. After eating I went to the class and started kicking. I was not tried at all but I was not running at a 100%. About 30 minute into the class this lady walked in and touched me on the shoulder and said "hey, I was watching you from the outside and thought to myself - If this lady can do the class so can I." So, I said go my friend go! After class this young cutie (man) came up to me to say "give me a hi-five mama, you know how to work it out." I give him the hi-5 with a smiled and walked off thinking "boy you don't know how much I want to pass out."

On my way home I thought - man I must look really crazy in these classes. I have had so many people come up to me after class to say "great job, you made it, keep up the good work." It feels good to have cheerleaders.

Will continue......

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unlocking the Doors!

Recap! OMG I survived the boot camp class. Just getting to the class yesterday was like walking thru 150 locked doors. Everything was working against me but I made it. My first locked door was the time of the class-6:30 p.m. I was thinking about all the things I could be doing but I was pumped for the class. Second locked door was the clothes - I did not bring workout clothes so I workout in my dress clothes (work shirt and pants). Third locked door was the shoes - no workout shoes just my "Chuck Taylor All-Stars" but they got the job done. So out the door I went thinking this is going to be a tough workout. Arrived at the gym, as I was waiting in line to check-in I noticed that there was only one pass left for the class. I went into panic mode because there were 3 people ahead of me but I got lucky.

Of course the line was long outside the workout room but it gave me time to check out the folks waiting for class. I thought to myself these folks are ready to work. There was a group of 7 just hoping around - I guess trying to warm up before the class. It was a little intimidating because these folks look like pros. I guess my excitement fizzled-out because of all the blockers I had to deal with before the class.

As soon as the doors open the group ran in hoping and screaming "get pumped". These folks have been here before because they started setting up the room right away. They set up 8 workout stations which included: arm, legs, push-ups, crunches, jump roping, sprint alley, lunges, dips. We had to workout at least 3 minutes at each station. This went on for 40 minutes and it kick my butt. The sprinting almost took me out because my cardio endurance is low. I had fat rolls bouncing everywhere but I hung in there with the crazy folks. I loved the jump roping station because it took back to being a kid. I sprinted for about 1 minute before I ran out of steam so I walked the last 2 minutes. I was able to jump rope for over 2 minutes. I did really well at the other stations.

This was a great class for cardio and that is what I need to burn the fat. This class was filled with skinny folks. My weight lifting class is filled with buff folks. They have nice arms, legs, butts, and abs. I like the buff folks better but for me, I do not have a choice so I must take both classes becaue in the end it will benefit me greatly. Because of my size I need a total body workout.

My lifting class today was awesome as usual. So many squats and lunges on this program. My legs gave out about half way thru the class. My body feels so toned and smaller. My friend said how proud she was of me and my dedication. This is my road trip and I will not stop until I hit that 111 pd marker. My weight continues to go up but that is ok because my % of fat is dropping. The increase weight is muscle. My clothes are getting really big. I think the boot camp class will help me drop the weight.

Distraction is my word of the day: it is the diversion of attention from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction.
Causes: lack of ability to pay attention
lack of interest in the object of attention
greater interest in something other than the object of attention
Source: External - physical stimuli through the 5 senses
Internal - thought, emotion, fantasies, physical urges
Divided - multi-tasking
Major cause of procrastination is distraction

This has been my down fall to a skinnier me for years. I have one focus now and that is getting this weight off. No more distractions!

I have a busy weekend again-two birthday parties. I'm not to busy for 2 cardio and yoga classes.

Will continue........

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Carb Coma!

Nothing much going on today. Well, I missed my spin class this morning because my body decided to sleep a little longer. I will be going to a Boot Camp class today to make up for it.

I'm in a carb coma right now. For breakfast I had a cup of plain rolled oats, half burrito as a mid day snack and for lunch I had a cup of Tai Fried Rice w/chicken and broccoli. The mid day burrito put me over the top. I feel like a swollen tick that is water logged. I have no energy at all. This is a consequence that I will never forget. The boot camp class will run the carbs right out of me. I can not wait!

I am out of my carb coma and on the way to the gym for my evening "boot camp" class. My body is ready for this. I feel excited! See me run, jump, leap because I'm in the 100% club! Push on! Push on!

Will continue.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Merger!

Well, I'm surprised! No more fat girl because she has been eaten up by skinny girl. No more excuses, no more lazy days, no anger and my favorite no more guilt for being overweight. When I started this blog I had no idea how fast the two would merge. Before getting out of bed I thought how I must own what I eat. Owning it makes it real for me. Understanding the consequences of over eating and not exercise is key to my success. My mind and body is in the best place and I can not go back to my old habits. My goal is my life and that is why it has been really easy to maintain new good habits. Life is good!

My weight lifting class was awesome! The teacher was all about legs and butt. She took us to the highest level ever. Squats and lunges in the 600 range. Jumping rope for 4 minutes x 5 and leaps in the 200 range. This lady is crazy and she has to be on something strong because she makes it happen. Most of the people in the class were in the 200% club. I was pulling up the 125% club. I loved it! My mind and body was about to pass out but I hung in there. This class gives me so much energy even hours before it starts. After class I ask the teacher if I was doing a move right because my back started to hurt. She explained the correct position and had me demo the move. To my surprise she told me that I was doing an awesome job. She has been watching me for over 3 weeks. During the conversation another lady came over and acknowledge how much she admired me for sticking with the class for 3 week. It feels really good to hear positive feedback.

In the past I had a lady approach me to say how much she admired me the taking a Pilate's class at my size. My friend was upset with her because she recalled my size but I told her that it was okay and it did not bother me. My friend is very protective of me and I appreciate that as well. I explained to her that people are impressed when they see a heavy person pushing themselves to the max. Hell, it impresses me too. I explained that most overweight people tend to give up on exercising because it's hard, it hurts, it not fun. Some feel ashame to be in the gym because of their size and fat rolls. So, I understand when a skinny person see a fat person coming to a intense class week after week and pushing themselves to the max, it tugs at their hearts. Fat people are good for skinny people because they encourage them to work harder and eat healthier. Now that I have dropped a few pounds I look at fat people and say to myself "keep working out" and remember the consequences of giving up. It's all good! This is why I decided to admire skinny people and learn what makes them tick. It work for all of us.

It's time to talk food: I had to make myself eat so this morning I had two boiled eggs and toasted sourdough wheat bread. For lunch I had grilled chicken breast about 5 strips with chopped spinach. For a snack I had a plum and 4 pieces of Mareblu Naturals Crunch. I feel full and satisfied. Food means nothing to me - it's so shocking. I want easy and healthy. Cooking was one of my favorite past times but that is all over now. I feel so bad for my friends because they love my cooking. A few of my friends have ask me to be their personal chef.

My workout schedule:

Spinning x 2, Boot Camp x 1, Weight Lifting x 2, Yoga x 2

Weigh-in Sunday. Will continue..........

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friends not Food!

My weekend went very well. Friday was my well deserved spa day. It was my day of relaxation and pampering. I had a Vichy Shower treatment with a grape seed body scrub and massage at one of our local hotels. It was heaven on earth. My skinny girl wanted to be pampered up with this spa treatment not food. It has always been my dream to have someone bath and scrub me down. The treatment was a mind and body cleansing. I told all my friends to have this treatment before they die. So much has changed since I decided to dump fat girl, like feeling good about my body and it's space. I did not have a problem being in the nude because I cherish myself. After my treatment I had a wonderful lunch: country ham w/apple slaw on pumpernickel bread with a mix green salad on the side. It was so nice to be looking out at the golf course which faced the pacific ocean. I realized how much I deserved this moment and place. My dream came true but I still have work to do on my body.
On Saturday, I went to the gym and workout in a spin class. It was a true wall crasher but worth every crash. The teacher never touched her bike because she was recovery from a car accident. I think she pushed us harder off the bike. After class my legs felt so heavy but my abs felt tight and strong. I can not believe how much the abs are used during a spin class. OK, so I was off to my 1st party of two for the day. This was a beach party with plenty of food. The nice thing about this party was the food choices: variety of fruits, salads, baked chips with low fat dips, veggie sandwiches and bottle water. I had to thank the host for serving the good staff but she is a diet freak anyway. It was nice to hang out with friends and enjoy the pacific ocean. Food taste so much better at the beach. I was very proud of myself because I did not overeat. I had a cup of fruit and a turkey sandwich. For me there was no desire to overeat. Skinny girl is not big eater at all and I love it. I thought to myself "next year - bathing suit." We had one big scare at the beach-missing 4 year old. He was gone for about 1 hour and it was panic time. I could not believe the mom was not aware that her son was gone for almost an hour. Our group of over 20 and the life guards headed out looking for the little guy. I was left there to watch 4 other kids. It was sad for a few minutes but they found him. He was about 1 1/2 mile down the beach looking for his parents. He was with a guy that was helping him look. When I finally saw the little boy I almost cried because of the horror on his face of being lost. The mom hugged and kissed him and he did not leave her sight for the rest of the day. I did take note of how people react under stress. When the group returned from looking for the boy they all headed to the table of food. They almost cleaned the table in 5 minutes. It was shocking to me because before the scare no one was eating much - just grazing. So I realized people do eat under stressful conditions. After the beach party I headed over to the next party to celebrate my friend wedding. It was great! The theme was Hawaiian with all the islands food dishes. I was not very hungry but I wanted a margarita. I decided to eat a piece of chicken so I could have a small drink. A few of my old friends noticed my weight lost and told me not to gain it back because I look really good. Well, my day was over around 8:30 p.m. so I head home. I thanked myself for not overeating and putting my health first. It was a wonderful day.
Yesterday, I wanted to go to yoga but time would not permit it. I had my final party of the weekend to attend. This party of hosted by a vegan so I did not have many choices. Veggies and tofu. No tofu for me but the veggies worked. They did have a chocolate cake made from tofu. It was very good and moist. This party was not about the food but the people and that was great. On my way home I thought about how my views on food and parties have changed. In the past it was about food first and people second. Now it's about the party.
This week will be another spin week. Three days of getting up at 4:30 a.m. - I can not wait.
Welcome and thank you to my new "follower"
Will continue.....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Long Road Trip - 25 Years!

OK, I have a few funnies before we go down my 25 year old road trip. This story is about my marriage proposal. Here we go! I was walking to my car yesterday feeling happy about life when I saw this older man walking towards me. As he approached and we passed he turned back and called "Excuse me Ms. Pretty! Excuse me Ms. Beautiful!" I turned and said "yes". He said "can I ask you a question Ms. Pretty?" I said "yes". He ask "Are you married?" and I ask him "why would you like to know?". He said "because I'm looking for a wife and you are just my type?" I said to him with a smile "your to late but thank you so much for the proposal." He said loudly "to late again." Of course I am not a married woman but it was really nice to know that I seem to be a wife candidate. Of course I call my friend and told her the story and she said, "girlfriend that is nothing new, you are the only person I know that get at less 5 marriage proposal a year from complete strangers." She laugh and said "your hot and you know it!" That was a joyful moment in my life. The funny thing is that I never considered myself hot. What does that mean? I wonder how many ladies consider themselves hot in this country. Is this word only for young people? My friend is 29. Can you be hot at 41? Should I think of myself as hot? My feeling is that my friend is aware that she is hot so maybe that is why she can see my hotness. Is hotness a word? Sorry if it is not. I really don't use the word "hot" but I do use words like, cute, in shape, pretty, beautiful, sexy and attractive. I can recall as a child thinking my mother was really cute and beautiful. Of course she still is. I was so lucky to have a pretty mom. She was always very thin but shapely. She had a very nice face and she dress really cute. Know that I think of it my mom could have been considered hot. Whatever, I will be hot from this day on.

Call me spin girl today. The class was awesome with pumped up music. Rolling out of bed at 4 a.m. was not bad. When something is important to you it is easy to prepare for it. My spin teacher showed up early today so she helped me adjust my bike for the best performance. She ask me my name and said welcome and thank you for coming this morning. I told her your very welcome but I need to thank you for taking the time to prepare our workout and pushing us to be better. I appreciate these instructors and the time they put in to get us in shape. I was in the 100% club and felt good. My body was covered with sweat and my legs maxed out. It felt so good. My spin buddy was wild today. She was rocking to the beat of the music and the pace of the spin. She was about to spin herself off that bike. Go girl!

OK, this is the story about my 25 year road trip. This morning I woke up thinking about my history with weight. First, I want to say thanks to skinny girl for making me think about this road trip. It goes like this - I could see myself on this road trip that was not ending. There is no end to this trip because I have no idea where I want to go or what I want to do. I have been driving for years just hitting bumps, rolling low, patching flats, and resting at stops. I have not mapped out my trip at all. This morning I saw my place at the end of my road trip. My place is 111 miles ahead of me. The miles represent my weight lost road trip. In the past I never set a goal so that is why the road trip has gone on for 25 years. I want this trip to end so I can enjoy my life. So many people have goals like education, starting a family, going to the moon, etc and they make it happen. I would love to plan for other goals but this one has to end before I can pick up another one. My goal at this time, at this moment is to drop 111 pounds. This is my desire and focus. So my plan is to map this trip out with short stops to rest and fill up. This is it! Once this road trip is over I will plan my next trip. How about the big master degree. I'm fired up and ready to go! Will continue....

Side bar: I would like to thank my new "followers" and your kind words of support. We can do this!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking Up Less Space!

This morning when I woke up I felt as if I was taking up less space. That means I'm getting smaller, dropping weight, and just feel like a queen in heaven. It's has been almost 3 weeks since I decided to try this weight thing again. It has been a week since skinny girl took my body back. I feel so joyful and energized. Thank God for my skinny girl. She is a mover and a shaker. She is a true warrior against fat. Fat girl is breaking down because she is not showing her face as much. She is not my distractor anymore. It feels so good!

"Taking up less space" is very familiar to me. I came up with this phrase about 3 years ago when I was shopping for food. As I was walking down the aisle in the store I noticed this large size lady. She was very large all over and tall. I smiled at her as I passed and said to myself "wow, this lady is taking up a lot of space" I could feel her body heat and her breathing. I did not think bad of her I just felt she was taking up a lot of space. When I got the check out line she walked up behind me. It felt like she was in my space but she was not that close. I did not think about her again until this morning. I like being smaller and taking up less space. It's a mental thing to think about how much room we heavy people take up.

Yesterday, my dear friend told me that I should not over do my workouts. I have a lot of respect for her because she has been with me through my battle with weight. She said I would take on to much and burn out to fast. I told her thank you for acknowledging my bad habit. I thought about it last night and agreed that my pace was to fast. So, I called up my hero for help, skinny girl. She told me to back off for a day and we will revisit it tonight. This morning was a scheduled spin class but I decided to break. So my plan is to rest today and enjoy it. I will go to my weight class tomorrow and spin Friday morning. Great plan with no guilt.

Let's talk food. Yesterday I was thinking and wanting Mexican food. This want was not a craving. According to the dictionary: A "want" is to wish and a "craving" is a urgent or abnormal desire. There was no denying wish. So I called up skinny girl and we went for Mexican. I ordered a combination plate with two cheese enchiladas, beans and rice. I also ordered a grilled chicken, rice and cheese burrito. With no hesitation I divided the plate and burrito in half and ate it. I put the other half in the frig for later. It was a wonderful meal and I really appreciated. Thank you higher power for our Mexican food shops.

This morning I decided not to weigh in because it can cause me pain. For the past two weeks I have been taking the numbers a little hard. Skinny girl told me to weigh in on Saturday to help me prepare for the new week. My new workout week starts on Sundays. My plan is to focus on the % of fat lost not pounds. I'm down in the % department.

Keeping my goal. Will continue.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My 4:15 a.m. Smile!

Getting out of bed this morning was a breeze. Yes, 4:15 a.m. smiling and excited about my new workout routine this week. Thank God I packed up everything last night because it was easier to roll out and that is what I did. I made it to the gym and adjusted my bike to make my butt feel a little better. Like I said when I spin the seat gives me blasters. Well, let me rephrase that statement, "the weight on my butt put pressure on the seat which cause me to have blasters." OK, that is the true. I have a lot of junk in my trunk.

The teacher arrive on time and ready to go! He said "this is your class so make it happen" and that is what I did. I went in my zone and hit the road hard. He took us over hills and under hills. He had us standing and sitting. We worked our abs to the max. When I got off the bike my legs felt so wonderful and tight. I almost felt as if I could run about 2 miles. After cycling for 40 minutes I headed to my weight lifting class.

The weight lifting class is hard but worth the pain. The teacher is high on energy. This girl loves lunges. We did about 500 total. My friend was killing herself. She is so competitive. She is in the 150% club and that is why she has the bomb body. She was disappointed in herself because she missed a few steps. She said this class really pushes her to the wall and that is what is needed to stay in shape. Skinny folks will kill themselves to stay skinny. I love the skinny folks!

Well, for me I hit it hard and yes I was in the 100% club. I told myself don't give up or get mad just move it. During my spinning class I looked in the mirror at myself and said you go girl and stay the best. I realized over the weekend you have to talk to yourself to keep yourself going. Working out is not for the meek folks. My skinny girl demands positive talk. She is not that meek. I noticed my big belly but I did not think bad about myself. The belly is going down and that is what matters.

Back to the weight lifting class, I admired all the girls in the class with their toned bodies and thought this is what you get when you put in the time. Fat people want to sit around talking and planning to drop the pounds but not put in the time to do the work. I have heard many fat people say this is just me and I'm happy. That was me saying that as well. No, there is nothing good about having a big belly sitting in your lap or not being able to button those jeans that fit two months ago. It's time to make it happen and stop with the excuses. I love when I yell at myself. It feels good. I have a friend that moved out of town and she refuses to come visit because she has gained so much weight. I could not believe it because she is a strong person but has this weight weakness. So, I told her that I would come visit her and she said great "this will motivate me to drop the weight. I thought to myself, Wow! I have a lot of power to motivate her to drop the weight. How can I motive her when it is hard for me. This is a shame and it's over my head. I will work on this later.

The feeling after exercise is so wonderful. The blood is moving fast, the legs, arms and abs are pumped and ready to go out for more. I can not imagine living without exercise. It is a must for better health.

My plan is to rest my body tonight and hit it again tomorrow. My body is looking forward to Friday's massage.

Will continue.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Beauty Not Size!

This flower was given to me by a homeless man in the park. He was walking with another man that could have been homeless as well. As I was preparing to take a picture of a tree, I heard the voices of these two men as they walked up the sidewalk. The man that give me this flower said to his friend "hey there is a pretty lady over there please watch your mouth. As the homeless man approached me he picked this flower and said "here is a beautiful flower for a beautiful lady." I took the flower and said thank you as they walked off resuming their manly conversation. My heart smiled and I thought to myself "this homeless man saw my beauty not my size." That was very special to me and it made my day. This is what I am learning through skinny girl. See yourself as special and not overweight. When I see myself as special I work harder to take care of myself by eating healthy, exercising, pampering myself, and getting rest. Fat girl thought of food as being special not self. When I look at this flower I think how special I am and smile. Thank you homeless man.
This weekend was not tough. Friday was a rest day and that is what I did. Saturday, I went to yoga and it was great. My arms are getting so strong because I can hold my planks for 30 seconds. My down dogs are easier now with better form. This is an accomplishment for me and I had to give myself a big pat on the back. My endurance during yoga still needs work. I can hold my dog downs for less than a minute and it should be longer. This will come with time and work. My yoga teacher shared with us that he came down with a skin infection on his legs because the gym floors where dirty. He told us to wash our yoga mat after every yoga class. Our gym could be a little cleaner.
Well, this week is going to be big. It's going to be a challenge but it must be done. I have chosen spinning to be the class of the week. In the past I have avoided spinning classes because my butt get blisters on it after each class. The class is a wall crasher and it pushes me to the next level. I decided to put all those past feelings aside and take my first class yesterday. It was not bad at all. The key to spinning is coming prepared mentally and physically. The other key is getting a seat pad. I call it the booty blaster. It is a must. During the class I focused on my legs and arms. What power in moving those to limbs. My body was sweating like crazy. I looked down at my arms and saw the sweat dripping from my finger tips. My back was soaked with sweat. My face was dripping wet. For 3 moments I smile at my self and said "you go girl", your in the 100% club. I read that 30 minutes of spinning will burn 500 calories. It tones the glutes, calves, thighs and slim the legs. It also works the diaphram, intercostals and abdominal. Let me tell you, it did all those things. I committed to a 30 minutes and that is what I did. My challenge with is class is the time. All three of the classes this week start at 5:30 a.m. Man, I love to sleep but I'm going to get my butt up and make it happen. My plan is to spin: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have to prepare for it and make no excuses. Because the class is so popular and it fills up really fast I need to be at the gym around 5 a.m. OMG! I don't want to do it that early. I could take the class after 5 p.m. but that would not be a challenge for me. It's about making it mean something in the end. " I'm fired up and ready to go. "
OK, lets get to the eating department. Skinny girl is very happy with the refrigerator. Lots of veggies and whole grain products. I have noticed in the past few weeks I have been eating chocolate muffins at least 3 times a week. This is to satisfy fat girl. She is not gone from my life. So I decided to stop the muffin train. I will allow myself to have piece of dark chocolate before bed to satisfy my sweet tooth not fat girl. Fat girl would never eat just 1 piece of candy. I love dark chocolate almonds so that is what I will allow myself. Fun and joy!
This weekend is going to be a jam pack one. Saturday I have two parties and Sunday I have one. All will have food so this will be my test. I have to stay strong.
This will be a great week. Will continue......