Monday, August 3, 2009

Beauty Not Size!

This flower was given to me by a homeless man in the park. He was walking with another man that could have been homeless as well. As I was preparing to take a picture of a tree, I heard the voices of these two men as they walked up the sidewalk. The man that give me this flower said to his friend "hey there is a pretty lady over there please watch your mouth. As the homeless man approached me he picked this flower and said "here is a beautiful flower for a beautiful lady." I took the flower and said thank you as they walked off resuming their manly conversation. My heart smiled and I thought to myself "this homeless man saw my beauty not my size." That was very special to me and it made my day. This is what I am learning through skinny girl. See yourself as special and not overweight. When I see myself as special I work harder to take care of myself by eating healthy, exercising, pampering myself, and getting rest. Fat girl thought of food as being special not self. When I look at this flower I think how special I am and smile. Thank you homeless man.
This weekend was not tough. Friday was a rest day and that is what I did. Saturday, I went to yoga and it was great. My arms are getting so strong because I can hold my planks for 30 seconds. My down dogs are easier now with better form. This is an accomplishment for me and I had to give myself a big pat on the back. My endurance during yoga still needs work. I can hold my dog downs for less than a minute and it should be longer. This will come with time and work. My yoga teacher shared with us that he came down with a skin infection on his legs because the gym floors where dirty. He told us to wash our yoga mat after every yoga class. Our gym could be a little cleaner.
Well, this week is going to be big. It's going to be a challenge but it must be done. I have chosen spinning to be the class of the week. In the past I have avoided spinning classes because my butt get blisters on it after each class. The class is a wall crasher and it pushes me to the next level. I decided to put all those past feelings aside and take my first class yesterday. It was not bad at all. The key to spinning is coming prepared mentally and physically. The other key is getting a seat pad. I call it the booty blaster. It is a must. During the class I focused on my legs and arms. What power in moving those to limbs. My body was sweating like crazy. I looked down at my arms and saw the sweat dripping from my finger tips. My back was soaked with sweat. My face was dripping wet. For 3 moments I smile at my self and said "you go girl", your in the 100% club. I read that 30 minutes of spinning will burn 500 calories. It tones the glutes, calves, thighs and slim the legs. It also works the diaphram, intercostals and abdominal. Let me tell you, it did all those things. I committed to a 30 minutes and that is what I did. My challenge with is class is the time. All three of the classes this week start at 5:30 a.m. Man, I love to sleep but I'm going to get my butt up and make it happen. My plan is to spin: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have to prepare for it and make no excuses. Because the class is so popular and it fills up really fast I need to be at the gym around 5 a.m. OMG! I don't want to do it that early. I could take the class after 5 p.m. but that would not be a challenge for me. It's about making it mean something in the end. " I'm fired up and ready to go. "
OK, lets get to the eating department. Skinny girl is very happy with the refrigerator. Lots of veggies and whole grain products. I have noticed in the past few weeks I have been eating chocolate muffins at least 3 times a week. This is to satisfy fat girl. She is not gone from my life. So I decided to stop the muffin train. I will allow myself to have piece of dark chocolate before bed to satisfy my sweet tooth not fat girl. Fat girl would never eat just 1 piece of candy. I love dark chocolate almonds so that is what I will allow myself. Fun and joy!
This weekend is going to be a jam pack one. Saturday I have two parties and Sunday I have one. All will have food so this will be my test. I have to stay strong.
This will be a great week. Will continue......

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