Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Carb Coma!

Nothing much going on today. Well, I missed my spin class this morning because my body decided to sleep a little longer. I will be going to a Boot Camp class today to make up for it.

I'm in a carb coma right now. For breakfast I had a cup of plain rolled oats, half burrito as a mid day snack and for lunch I had a cup of Tai Fried Rice w/chicken and broccoli. The mid day burrito put me over the top. I feel like a swollen tick that is water logged. I have no energy at all. This is a consequence that I will never forget. The boot camp class will run the carbs right out of me. I can not wait!

I am out of my carb coma and on the way to the gym for my evening "boot camp" class. My body is ready for this. I feel excited! See me run, jump, leap because I'm in the 100% club! Push on! Push on!

Will continue.....

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