Monday, August 10, 2009

Friends not Food!

My weekend went very well. Friday was my well deserved spa day. It was my day of relaxation and pampering. I had a Vichy Shower treatment with a grape seed body scrub and massage at one of our local hotels. It was heaven on earth. My skinny girl wanted to be pampered up with this spa treatment not food. It has always been my dream to have someone bath and scrub me down. The treatment was a mind and body cleansing. I told all my friends to have this treatment before they die. So much has changed since I decided to dump fat girl, like feeling good about my body and it's space. I did not have a problem being in the nude because I cherish myself. After my treatment I had a wonderful lunch: country ham w/apple slaw on pumpernickel bread with a mix green salad on the side. It was so nice to be looking out at the golf course which faced the pacific ocean. I realized how much I deserved this moment and place. My dream came true but I still have work to do on my body.
On Saturday, I went to the gym and workout in a spin class. It was a true wall crasher but worth every crash. The teacher never touched her bike because she was recovery from a car accident. I think she pushed us harder off the bike. After class my legs felt so heavy but my abs felt tight and strong. I can not believe how much the abs are used during a spin class. OK, so I was off to my 1st party of two for the day. This was a beach party with plenty of food. The nice thing about this party was the food choices: variety of fruits, salads, baked chips with low fat dips, veggie sandwiches and bottle water. I had to thank the host for serving the good staff but she is a diet freak anyway. It was nice to hang out with friends and enjoy the pacific ocean. Food taste so much better at the beach. I was very proud of myself because I did not overeat. I had a cup of fruit and a turkey sandwich. For me there was no desire to overeat. Skinny girl is not big eater at all and I love it. I thought to myself "next year - bathing suit." We had one big scare at the beach-missing 4 year old. He was gone for about 1 hour and it was panic time. I could not believe the mom was not aware that her son was gone for almost an hour. Our group of over 20 and the life guards headed out looking for the little guy. I was left there to watch 4 other kids. It was sad for a few minutes but they found him. He was about 1 1/2 mile down the beach looking for his parents. He was with a guy that was helping him look. When I finally saw the little boy I almost cried because of the horror on his face of being lost. The mom hugged and kissed him and he did not leave her sight for the rest of the day. I did take note of how people react under stress. When the group returned from looking for the boy they all headed to the table of food. They almost cleaned the table in 5 minutes. It was shocking to me because before the scare no one was eating much - just grazing. So I realized people do eat under stressful conditions. After the beach party I headed over to the next party to celebrate my friend wedding. It was great! The theme was Hawaiian with all the islands food dishes. I was not very hungry but I wanted a margarita. I decided to eat a piece of chicken so I could have a small drink. A few of my old friends noticed my weight lost and told me not to gain it back because I look really good. Well, my day was over around 8:30 p.m. so I head home. I thanked myself for not overeating and putting my health first. It was a wonderful day.
Yesterday, I wanted to go to yoga but time would not permit it. I had my final party of the weekend to attend. This party of hosted by a vegan so I did not have many choices. Veggies and tofu. No tofu for me but the veggies worked. They did have a chocolate cake made from tofu. It was very good and moist. This party was not about the food but the people and that was great. On my way home I thought about how my views on food and parties have changed. In the past it was about food first and people second. Now it's about the party.
This week will be another spin week. Three days of getting up at 4:30 a.m. - I can not wait.
Welcome and thank you to my new "follower"
Will continue.....

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