Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My 4:15 a.m. Smile!

Getting out of bed this morning was a breeze. Yes, 4:15 a.m. smiling and excited about my new workout routine this week. Thank God I packed up everything last night because it was easier to roll out and that is what I did. I made it to the gym and adjusted my bike to make my butt feel a little better. Like I said when I spin the seat gives me blasters. Well, let me rephrase that statement, "the weight on my butt put pressure on the seat which cause me to have blasters." OK, that is the true. I have a lot of junk in my trunk.

The teacher arrive on time and ready to go! He said "this is your class so make it happen" and that is what I did. I went in my zone and hit the road hard. He took us over hills and under hills. He had us standing and sitting. We worked our abs to the max. When I got off the bike my legs felt so wonderful and tight. I almost felt as if I could run about 2 miles. After cycling for 40 minutes I headed to my weight lifting class.

The weight lifting class is hard but worth the pain. The teacher is high on energy. This girl loves lunges. We did about 500 total. My friend was killing herself. She is so competitive. She is in the 150% club and that is why she has the bomb body. She was disappointed in herself because she missed a few steps. She said this class really pushes her to the wall and that is what is needed to stay in shape. Skinny folks will kill themselves to stay skinny. I love the skinny folks!

Well, for me I hit it hard and yes I was in the 100% club. I told myself don't give up or get mad just move it. During my spinning class I looked in the mirror at myself and said you go girl and stay the best. I realized over the weekend you have to talk to yourself to keep yourself going. Working out is not for the meek folks. My skinny girl demands positive talk. She is not that meek. I noticed my big belly but I did not think bad about myself. The belly is going down and that is what matters.

Back to the weight lifting class, I admired all the girls in the class with their toned bodies and thought this is what you get when you put in the time. Fat people want to sit around talking and planning to drop the pounds but not put in the time to do the work. I have heard many fat people say this is just me and I'm happy. That was me saying that as well. No, there is nothing good about having a big belly sitting in your lap or not being able to button those jeans that fit two months ago. It's time to make it happen and stop with the excuses. I love when I yell at myself. It feels good. I have a friend that moved out of town and she refuses to come visit because she has gained so much weight. I could not believe it because she is a strong person but has this weight weakness. So, I told her that I would come visit her and she said great "this will motivate me to drop the weight. I thought to myself, Wow! I have a lot of power to motivate her to drop the weight. How can I motive her when it is hard for me. This is a shame and it's over my head. I will work on this later.

The feeling after exercise is so wonderful. The blood is moving fast, the legs, arms and abs are pumped and ready to go out for more. I can not imagine living without exercise. It is a must for better health.

My plan is to rest my body tonight and hit it again tomorrow. My body is looking forward to Friday's massage.

Will continue.....

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