Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Paying Off!

This is what all the hard work is about. I have lost a total of 7 pounds and 4.8% body fat since July 29. Let me tell you how it feels to have dropped 7 pounds: I am taking up less space, I walk much faster without being out of breath, my pants are baggy around my waist and butt, my shirts are loser around my belly, armpits and breast, my energy level is at an all time high, my love handles are not hanging over my hips and the best of all my heart rate has decrease to a normal level. It feels wonderful.

Yesterday, I was reading a fellow blogger impression of the scale and it's impact on our mental state. I agreed with her comments on how this tool can make or break your spirits. Ironically, this morning I hopped on the scale and saw that I had gone up in weight and body fat. I held it together by not reacting but thinking that something had to be wrong with this machine. So, I decided to change the batteries because it has been over two years. Hopped on again nothing changed so I took the batteries out to let it reboot. While the machine was rebooting I thought to myself "this scale has to be wrong because my clothes are baggy and I look thinner." This machine is just wrong on so many levels. This is me talking to myself about a machine that runs on batteries. This little machine has so much power and of course I really wanted to prove it wrong. So after ten minutes of rebooting and crazy talk to myself I put the batteries in and hopped on again. The machines wins again. Yes, this is getting crazy! So pull out the manual and read about rebooting the system. The manual states the scale should be reprogrammed with my height and age at less once a month. So that is what I did and that is what I got - weight lost of 7 pounds. What a very happy day for me. That little devil machine is powerful!

After my crazy moment I decided to reward myself with a nice spa bath to reflect on my past and future goals. Skinny girl loves to pamper herself with spa treatments. My plan is start over fresh as if this was the first day of my weight lost road trip. I have 104 mile to go. My goal is to add more weight lifting classes and a variety of cardio classes like spinning, boot camp, swimming and circuit training. I would also like to start rock climbing this month to strengthen my upper and lower body as well as exercise my brain.

Last night I did a weight lifting class. The instructor was new and she brought some different moves to the class. At first I did not think the workout was productive but when I got home my body told me how productive the class was. Painful muscles! This lady had use working every muscle in our body. I'm going to call her the silent killer because she comes across very mink but in the end she slams your body all around the room until you pass out. It was awesome! Today, is boot camp and I'm going to try a new instructor. I have all my workout gear so let the games begin!

This blog has been a wonderful place for me to talk about my wieght lost road trip. I would like to thank all the new followers and comments they really help.

Good news from my Cardiologist office! She was very pleased with my weight lost and my blood pressure - 120/80. She has given me the okay to stop the blood pressure medicine for good. According to her my heart sounds very happy. She would like for me to continue to exercise and drop the weight and monitor my blood pressure every day. My Cardiologist was never on my about weight because the weight did not cause me to have high blood pressure. This is a great day for all my family and friends whom have been with me since my kidney surgery that caused me to go on the blood pressure medicine almost 2 years ago. Thanks to all of you guys for your love and support. It's a great day!

Will continue......


  1. Congratulations on the 7lb loss! That's excellent!

    I think you're so brave to go to so many classes. It's such an inspiration. Keep at it and good luck with the boot camp today!

  2. Wow! Great job, and I know you must be so pleased by your doctor visit.

    My blood pressure dropped dramatically when I lost my 150 pounds. It's amazing isn't it?