Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being Overweight On The Job!

Since, the healthcare reform is a hot topic I started thinking how important it is more than ever to drop the weight. I talked with my dear friend about employers rejecting people because of their weight. The airlines are requiring overweight people to buy an extra seat. At JC Penney's the plus sizes are marked up about $5 more than misses and petite sizes. So here we go!

There is nothing in the law that will keep employers from discriminating against overweight people. I believe with this new healthcare reform the employers would be required to keep their employees healthy and turn down the overweight folks. I must say that I am for health coverage for all but I do have concerns. My employer is pushing the "healthy lifestyle" campaign: fitness club discount, free yoga classes, walking clubs, healthy food tips, health screenings w/reductions in insurance premiums and many more good things to support a better lifestyle. Over 90% of the employees are taking part in this campaign. Wonderful for us.

When I was hired over 18 years ago I was required to see a nutritionist before reporting to work. I was about 50 pounds lighter and I felt like a true skinny girl. At the time I did not care because I had nothing to fear because I had experience and youth on my side. Now, I have to bring more to the table and I would hate to be turned down for a job because of my weight. Before people had to worry about lack of education, age, experience, sex, gender and race. People in their late 50's and 60's are really worried. I have met a few older people that are planning on getting face lifts and lipo to stay in the running for their jobs because they can not afford to retire now. That is reality!

My friend told me to get it under control. Being overweight is a sign of not having control over your life and employers look at that when hiring and promoting. I had to agree with her and that is why I'm on this road trip. There is no reason to be overweight in this day and time. I would love to see the true benefits of being overweight. I am overweight and I can not list one. We are more educated and we have all the tools we need to drop the weight. We need to just do it!

Weight lifting was great. I ask the instructor to kick my butt in the abs and obliques department. She turned the class up side down. I wanted to give up but the desire to be in the 100% class was high. The instructor looked over at me with a smile and said "you wanted it." I did but not like that. My body was in pain. I need my Yoga tonight.

Let's make it happen!


  1. There have been several studies indicating that overweight people earn less than their thinner counterparts. ERISA prevents employers from charging higher health care premiums to employees because of weight (or other medical issues), but there's some good evidence that they implicitly due so by just paying fat employees less.

    Economics is a great reason to lose weight, and one of my big motivators too. The health care reform debate has consumed about 90% of my work hours, so I find myself readings tons of things about obesity, prevention, etc. For me, it's another one of the many reasons I want to get on the right side of the obese marker.

  2. I don't know about all the logistics of the health care plan, but as far as the discrimination against the overweight, I know this first hand.

    Because I lived as a morbidly obese woman for 10 years, then lost weight, I saw a stark difference in how I was treated.

    It bothers me that people may feel judged, or punished because of their weight. I don't know think that would have caused me to lose weight. It's complicated.