Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Merger!

Well, I'm surprised! No more fat girl because she has been eaten up by skinny girl. No more excuses, no more lazy days, no anger and my favorite no more guilt for being overweight. When I started this blog I had no idea how fast the two would merge. Before getting out of bed I thought how I must own what I eat. Owning it makes it real for me. Understanding the consequences of over eating and not exercise is key to my success. My mind and body is in the best place and I can not go back to my old habits. My goal is my life and that is why it has been really easy to maintain new good habits. Life is good!

My weight lifting class was awesome! The teacher was all about legs and butt. She took us to the highest level ever. Squats and lunges in the 600 range. Jumping rope for 4 minutes x 5 and leaps in the 200 range. This lady is crazy and she has to be on something strong because she makes it happen. Most of the people in the class were in the 200% club. I was pulling up the 125% club. I loved it! My mind and body was about to pass out but I hung in there. This class gives me so much energy even hours before it starts. After class I ask the teacher if I was doing a move right because my back started to hurt. She explained the correct position and had me demo the move. To my surprise she told me that I was doing an awesome job. She has been watching me for over 3 weeks. During the conversation another lady came over and acknowledge how much she admired me for sticking with the class for 3 week. It feels really good to hear positive feedback.

In the past I had a lady approach me to say how much she admired me the taking a Pilate's class at my size. My friend was upset with her because she recalled my size but I told her that it was okay and it did not bother me. My friend is very protective of me and I appreciate that as well. I explained to her that people are impressed when they see a heavy person pushing themselves to the max. Hell, it impresses me too. I explained that most overweight people tend to give up on exercising because it's hard, it hurts, it not fun. Some feel ashame to be in the gym because of their size and fat rolls. So, I understand when a skinny person see a fat person coming to a intense class week after week and pushing themselves to the max, it tugs at their hearts. Fat people are good for skinny people because they encourage them to work harder and eat healthier. Now that I have dropped a few pounds I look at fat people and say to myself "keep working out" and remember the consequences of giving up. It's all good! This is why I decided to admire skinny people and learn what makes them tick. It work for all of us.

It's time to talk food: I had to make myself eat so this morning I had two boiled eggs and toasted sourdough wheat bread. For lunch I had grilled chicken breast about 5 strips with chopped spinach. For a snack I had a plum and 4 pieces of Mareblu Naturals Crunch. I feel full and satisfied. Food means nothing to me - it's so shocking. I want easy and healthy. Cooking was one of my favorite past times but that is all over now. I feel so bad for my friends because they love my cooking. A few of my friends have ask me to be their personal chef.

My workout schedule:

Spinning x 2, Boot Camp x 1, Weight Lifting x 2, Yoga x 2

Weigh-in Sunday. Will continue..........

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  1. I'm some combination of impressed and jealous that you have the courage to go to the fitness classes at your gym. I'm still in the "too scared" camp.

    It's excellent that you feel like you're not fighting skinny girl any more! You're really getting in the swing of things. Way to go!