Friday, August 21, 2009

"Zumba Time"

It's time to "Zumba" This is a new fitness class at my gym. Yes, I had to try it and to my surprise it was fun. Really, it was a cute little class. Of course, I had no plans at all to take the class this morning. After getting my "car smogged" :-( it passed of course but it is a total inconvenience and it is a costly expense. No more venting about California car laws because I love this state. So I walked in and saw all these happy people dressed like belly dancers. In my head I was like okay this is a little to much for me but of course I had to stay. This was the happiest workout I have ever attended. The air felt breezy and cheery.
The instructor had a bunch of energy and she was really enjoying her job. She took us around the world and back in an hour. We worked out in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Africa - (my favorite), and you will not believe even Texas, U.S. Each country had its own song and dance.
This class was like going clubbing on a Friday morning without the drinks. I love all the dances from Africa and Brazil. Total body toner for the abs, butt and legs. This class made me want to book a flight. The Brazil moves are really sexy and fast. I can understand why those folks have banging bodies.
Okay, now lets talk about the Texas moves. The instructor should have tossed me off the floor. I was so bad. Texas is my home state - born and raised there. I had no idea how to do those country dances. OMG, I could not stop laughing at myself. I felt and looked like a fool when she told us to "kick up" our heels and do the two-step. My best friend from Texas would have slapped me silly. It is still funny to me right now :-).....I can not stop smiling.
This is a wonderful class and I highly recommend it! It's a nice change from all the hard stuff.
Tomorrow: Spin class and day at the spa with friends.

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  1. Glad Zumba went well! I hope your day at the spa was great too.