Thursday, August 20, 2009

Farewell to Size 22!

My clothes are getting really big. It's time for me to start donating. I will never return to a size 22 again. The jeans I have on are falling off and it feels good. Lots of air around my legs, belly and butt. Tonight I will toss these jeans into the charity box.

I can not wait to see the real person under this body fat. It's like waiting 10 months for a baby to come. She is waiting to be born but I have to continue the work. My scale showed today a drop of 6 pounds since the other day. My body fat has drop 2% as well. This is happening so fast. I believe by shaking up my workout routine weekly is causing the weight to fall off really fast. Everyday I expose my muscles to a new routine. The shake-up is working. "It's a shake down, shake down."

After my weight lifting class today I ask the instructor about belly fat. She said not to do crunches everyday because the muscle under the fat will build fast and cause the layer of fat to stick out more. She encourage me to do lots of cardio exercises and continue to eat smaller portions. Her body is amazing.

Eating department: Banning pasta from my diet for two weeks. No particular reason just trying to shake that up too. I plan to add a new veggie this weekend.

Will continue......


  1. Woot! Congrats on kicking the size 22s to the curb!

    I've got a lovely blog award for you over at my site.

  2. I know you are really excited about that. The one splurge I did while I was losing my 150 pounds was buying a new pair of pants with each size I lost. Awesome job - you should be really proud!