Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unlocking the Doors!

Recap! OMG I survived the boot camp class. Just getting to the class yesterday was like walking thru 150 locked doors. Everything was working against me but I made it. My first locked door was the time of the class-6:30 p.m. I was thinking about all the things I could be doing but I was pumped for the class. Second locked door was the clothes - I did not bring workout clothes so I workout in my dress clothes (work shirt and pants). Third locked door was the shoes - no workout shoes just my "Chuck Taylor All-Stars" but they got the job done. So out the door I went thinking this is going to be a tough workout. Arrived at the gym, as I was waiting in line to check-in I noticed that there was only one pass left for the class. I went into panic mode because there were 3 people ahead of me but I got lucky.

Of course the line was long outside the workout room but it gave me time to check out the folks waiting for class. I thought to myself these folks are ready to work. There was a group of 7 just hoping around - I guess trying to warm up before the class. It was a little intimidating because these folks look like pros. I guess my excitement fizzled-out because of all the blockers I had to deal with before the class.

As soon as the doors open the group ran in hoping and screaming "get pumped". These folks have been here before because they started setting up the room right away. They set up 8 workout stations which included: arm, legs, push-ups, crunches, jump roping, sprint alley, lunges, dips. We had to workout at least 3 minutes at each station. This went on for 40 minutes and it kick my butt. The sprinting almost took me out because my cardio endurance is low. I had fat rolls bouncing everywhere but I hung in there with the crazy folks. I loved the jump roping station because it took back to being a kid. I sprinted for about 1 minute before I ran out of steam so I walked the last 2 minutes. I was able to jump rope for over 2 minutes. I did really well at the other stations.

This was a great class for cardio and that is what I need to burn the fat. This class was filled with skinny folks. My weight lifting class is filled with buff folks. They have nice arms, legs, butts, and abs. I like the buff folks better but for me, I do not have a choice so I must take both classes becaue in the end it will benefit me greatly. Because of my size I need a total body workout.

My lifting class today was awesome as usual. So many squats and lunges on this program. My legs gave out about half way thru the class. My body feels so toned and smaller. My friend said how proud she was of me and my dedication. This is my road trip and I will not stop until I hit that 111 pd marker. My weight continues to go up but that is ok because my % of fat is dropping. The increase weight is muscle. My clothes are getting really big. I think the boot camp class will help me drop the weight.

Distraction is my word of the day: it is the diversion of attention from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction.
Causes: lack of ability to pay attention
lack of interest in the object of attention
greater interest in something other than the object of attention
Source: External - physical stimuli through the 5 senses
Internal - thought, emotion, fantasies, physical urges
Divided - multi-tasking
Major cause of procrastination is distraction

This has been my down fall to a skinnier me for years. I have one focus now and that is getting this weight off. No more distractions!

I have a busy weekend again-two birthday parties. I'm not to busy for 2 cardio and yoga classes.

Will continue........

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  1. Congrats on following through and going to the bootcamp! There a 99% chance I would've given up at "not having the right clothes" and zero percent chance I would've gone through without my normal sneakers.

    You are so dedicated! It's very inspiring.