Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking Up Less Space!

This morning when I woke up I felt as if I was taking up less space. That means I'm getting smaller, dropping weight, and just feel like a queen in heaven. It's has been almost 3 weeks since I decided to try this weight thing again. It has been a week since skinny girl took my body back. I feel so joyful and energized. Thank God for my skinny girl. She is a mover and a shaker. She is a true warrior against fat. Fat girl is breaking down because she is not showing her face as much. She is not my distractor anymore. It feels so good!

"Taking up less space" is very familiar to me. I came up with this phrase about 3 years ago when I was shopping for food. As I was walking down the aisle in the store I noticed this large size lady. She was very large all over and tall. I smiled at her as I passed and said to myself "wow, this lady is taking up a lot of space" I could feel her body heat and her breathing. I did not think bad of her I just felt she was taking up a lot of space. When I got the check out line she walked up behind me. It felt like she was in my space but she was not that close. I did not think about her again until this morning. I like being smaller and taking up less space. It's a mental thing to think about how much room we heavy people take up.

Yesterday, my dear friend told me that I should not over do my workouts. I have a lot of respect for her because she has been with me through my battle with weight. She said I would take on to much and burn out to fast. I told her thank you for acknowledging my bad habit. I thought about it last night and agreed that my pace was to fast. So, I called up my hero for help, skinny girl. She told me to back off for a day and we will revisit it tonight. This morning was a scheduled spin class but I decided to break. So my plan is to rest today and enjoy it. I will go to my weight class tomorrow and spin Friday morning. Great plan with no guilt.

Let's talk food. Yesterday I was thinking and wanting Mexican food. This want was not a craving. According to the dictionary: A "want" is to wish and a "craving" is a urgent or abnormal desire. There was no denying wish. So I called up skinny girl and we went for Mexican. I ordered a combination plate with two cheese enchiladas, beans and rice. I also ordered a grilled chicken, rice and cheese burrito. With no hesitation I divided the plate and burrito in half and ate it. I put the other half in the frig for later. It was a wonderful meal and I really appreciated. Thank you higher power for our Mexican food shops.

This morning I decided not to weigh in because it can cause me pain. For the past two weeks I have been taking the numbers a little hard. Skinny girl told me to weigh in on Saturday to help me prepare for the new week. My new workout week starts on Sundays. My plan is to focus on the % of fat lost not pounds. I'm down in the % department.

Keeping my goal. Will continue.....

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  1. I just stopped by for the first time and read a few posts. Color me impressed with all the working out you've been doing. It definitely seems like a rest day was in order.

    I agree totally with the desire to want to take up less space. For me, it happens in planes, auditoriums, cocktail parties, and wherever people are trying to squeeze by each other. Here's to hoping as the year goes on we'll both be taking up substantially less space. :)