Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Long Road Trip - 25 Years!

OK, I have a few funnies before we go down my 25 year old road trip. This story is about my marriage proposal. Here we go! I was walking to my car yesterday feeling happy about life when I saw this older man walking towards me. As he approached and we passed he turned back and called "Excuse me Ms. Pretty! Excuse me Ms. Beautiful!" I turned and said "yes". He said "can I ask you a question Ms. Pretty?" I said "yes". He ask "Are you married?" and I ask him "why would you like to know?". He said "because I'm looking for a wife and you are just my type?" I said to him with a smile "your to late but thank you so much for the proposal." He said loudly "to late again." Of course I am not a married woman but it was really nice to know that I seem to be a wife candidate. Of course I call my friend and told her the story and she said, "girlfriend that is nothing new, you are the only person I know that get at less 5 marriage proposal a year from complete strangers." She laugh and said "your hot and you know it!" That was a joyful moment in my life. The funny thing is that I never considered myself hot. What does that mean? I wonder how many ladies consider themselves hot in this country. Is this word only for young people? My friend is 29. Can you be hot at 41? Should I think of myself as hot? My feeling is that my friend is aware that she is hot so maybe that is why she can see my hotness. Is hotness a word? Sorry if it is not. I really don't use the word "hot" but I do use words like, cute, in shape, pretty, beautiful, sexy and attractive. I can recall as a child thinking my mother was really cute and beautiful. Of course she still is. I was so lucky to have a pretty mom. She was always very thin but shapely. She had a very nice face and she dress really cute. Know that I think of it my mom could have been considered hot. Whatever, I will be hot from this day on.

Call me spin girl today. The class was awesome with pumped up music. Rolling out of bed at 4 a.m. was not bad. When something is important to you it is easy to prepare for it. My spin teacher showed up early today so she helped me adjust my bike for the best performance. She ask me my name and said welcome and thank you for coming this morning. I told her your very welcome but I need to thank you for taking the time to prepare our workout and pushing us to be better. I appreciate these instructors and the time they put in to get us in shape. I was in the 100% club and felt good. My body was covered with sweat and my legs maxed out. It felt so good. My spin buddy was wild today. She was rocking to the beat of the music and the pace of the spin. She was about to spin herself off that bike. Go girl!

OK, this is the story about my 25 year road trip. This morning I woke up thinking about my history with weight. First, I want to say thanks to skinny girl for making me think about this road trip. It goes like this - I could see myself on this road trip that was not ending. There is no end to this trip because I have no idea where I want to go or what I want to do. I have been driving for years just hitting bumps, rolling low, patching flats, and resting at stops. I have not mapped out my trip at all. This morning I saw my place at the end of my road trip. My place is 111 miles ahead of me. The miles represent my weight lost road trip. In the past I never set a goal so that is why the road trip has gone on for 25 years. I want this trip to end so I can enjoy my life. So many people have goals like education, starting a family, going to the moon, etc and they make it happen. I would love to plan for other goals but this one has to end before I can pick up another one. My goal at this time, at this moment is to drop 111 pounds. This is my desire and focus. So my plan is to map this trip out with short stops to rest and fill up. This is it! Once this road trip is over I will plan my next trip. How about the big master degree. I'm fired up and ready to go! Will continue....

Side bar: I would like to thank my new "followers" and your kind words of support. We can do this!

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  1. A goal is great! Way to go.

    I'd recommend adding a few mini-goals along the way. And, just as important, some deadlines. You don't necessarily want to set a deadline for the end thing yet (you could if you want), but something like "I'll only have 99lbs to lose by October 1st" or any weight + date that you think is appropriate. I like to make it so mine's a bit of a push (my mini goal is to hit 250 by 9/15, when I started that meant losing 2.8lbs/week, now I'm well ahead of pace), but go for what feels right for you.