Monday, August 24, 2009

Live Now and Rest When You Die!

This is one of my favorite pictures, of course taken by me! This is my vision of heaven. This photo is called "Where the flowers meet the sky."

My weekend was awesome and very productive in both the workout and play department. Okay, that Jumba workout was way more than fun because my body was so sore the next day. That workout falls into my silent body slam category. Kick butt without you knowing it.

My Saturday spin class was soooo hard. The instructor had us out of the saddle almost the entire class. This workout worked my legs and abs to their max. She told us to rest when we die. We should live and play hard all the time. Of course, I decided to take a rest and sit back in the saddle. I said to myself "lady it's not my time to die" but it is time to rest. Her passion for life is so strong because of her accident over six months ago. She was on bed rest for three months trying to heal her internal wounds. Being confined to a bed is no joke. It really makes you appreciate your life and the time you have. I can truly understand her desire to live now and rest when you die. This is how I live my life everyday and I love it!

So my spa treatment was heavenly and energizing. I had a full body massage to relax my sore muscles. Having a spa treatment is part of my workout as well because my muscles need to be pampered after all the hard workouts. The therapist worked out some sore spots in my hips and legs. My body felt new and ready to go. My next treatment is my favorite, the Vichy shower with body scrub in two weeks. Joy!

Well, my rock climbing adventure is on hold for now. The class was booked because of the summer break. The instructor told me to try back after Labor Day because all the kids will be back in school. So, since I could not rock climb I decided to take a road trip with a friend to Los Angeles for the best southern food in the state. We jumped in the car like Thelma and Louise and headed north 120 miles. Yes, crazy but typical for me and my friends! We had the best time just talking and laughing about any and everything. With Sunday's traffic it took us about two hours but on a normal day it would take about 1 1/2 hours because all my friends drive really fast. Hell, mostly everybody in southern California drive fast. The highway rule is - you keep up with the traffic so if the traffic is rolling at 85 you roll at that speed. That is the rule. Our meal was worth the drive - smothered chicken, mac & cheese, cornbread and greens. My friend ordered three dinners to take home. For me one dinner was enough. Skinny girl is on my side. So we said good-bye to Los Angeles and made it home in time to watch our favorite show "Big Brother". Awesome day!

Today's workout was all about free weights and jumping rope for cardio. I was doing research on weight lifting and found the following benefits: This is my 4th week of lifting

Stronger muscles: I agree-I can hold my planks and downs dogs in yoga for over 1 minute

Toning & Reshaping: I agree-My legs and arms are changing for the better

Strength & Balance: I agree-I have bumped the weights up from 5 to 8 pds. Balance ?

Bone Strength & Density: Not sure because this is internal. That would be good news

Weight Loss: I agree 100% - My fat % has dropped over 5% since I started 4 weeks ago

Improves sleeping pattern- Not sure because I never had a problem sleeping

Increase lean body mass- I agree because I am looking taller and leaner

Improves heart rate - I agree 100% my heart recovery time is much faster

Improves posture - I agree because my friend said I look taller

In the past my goal was to avoid lifting weights and doing abs, but now that I see the benefits of them both I cant live without them. It's the total package!

Will continue.....

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