Monday, August 17, 2009

My Cheerleaders!

Saturday, I lost my mind! I went to my 8:00 a.m. spinning class and kicked butt. Speaking of the butt and the bike, the butt is winning in the pain department. I think the butt is getting use to riding on that hard seat because the paid is down from a 10 to a 4. That pain of the seat is a big turn off but I think of the benefits in the end. I figure in about two more weeks the pain should be at 1. I can not wait. The class was a burner as the instructor calls it. She is still walking about give us the push talk that really helps. "Houston" we have a complainer in class: this chick was upset with the instructor because she was not using the bike, she talked about how the lady was sweating while walking around giving us direction. OMG, I wanted to say "shut your month little baby" this is not all about you. But I held my words like a good girl. When the instructor came in all happy the girl face went stone. She was mad for the entire class. After class myself and five other ladies went up to the instructor to tell her thank you for doing the class. She really appreciated the words. Our instructor was hit by a car six months ago while riding her bike. She is still recovery from it. This woman has so much energy and she is a great motivator.

So, I was still pumped up and wanting more cardio. I could not believe it so I signed up for the 10 a.m. Kick Boxing class. I decided to grab some breakfast at the local cafe to pass the time. After eating I went to the class and started kicking. I was not tried at all but I was not running at a 100%. About 30 minute into the class this lady walked in and touched me on the shoulder and said "hey, I was watching you from the outside and thought to myself - If this lady can do the class so can I." So, I said go my friend go! After class this young cutie (man) came up to me to say "give me a hi-five mama, you know how to work it out." I give him the hi-5 with a smiled and walked off thinking "boy you don't know how much I want to pass out."

On my way home I thought - man I must look really crazy in these classes. I have had so many people come up to me after class to say "great job, you made it, keep up the good work." It feels good to have cheerleaders.

Will continue......

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  1. That is just the best story. You should be really happy with all that positive affirmation. Keep up the good work!