Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gym Battle!!!

Let me tell you how hard it was for me to miss the gym yesterday. It was painful. I'm addicted to the gym. Yesterday was a scheduled day of rest for me but I did not like it. I had to tell myself over and over it's OK to rest and it is a requirement. My muscles really needed it. My soreness level was at a 10 but today it is at a 8 1/2.

Today is a new day and I feel energized and excited about going to the gym. Core Central is today. They should name it "first day of hell" because the class is really hot and hellish. The class will take you from lifting weights, to push up, to stepping, to doing sit ups, to running in circles. The class is a wall crasher. But I love it so much.

OK, I have learned that skinny girls wants to be pampered. I went from craving food to craving a massage. This has been on my mind for two weeks. I scheduled an appointment for a Vichy scrub and wrap next week. I can feel the treatment right now. Just reading the highlights of the treatment make me small. "Enjoy a full body massage that utilizes the techniques of a full body scrub, mud wrap and a 25 minute massage." I read "Vichy" water or literally "hot cross" means warm water crossing their path. The French know how to live life. I heard Tiger Woods went to this same spa and indulged the same body treatment. Just a little side bar. Skinny girls love the body scrub. It's strange how we humans have to find something that gives us pleasure. Some people love to eat, some love to read, some love to drink and smoke, some love adventure. The body need to be rewarded with pleasure.

My workout was amazing today. I was part of the 100% club. The lunges kick butt hard. My leg muscles are getting really stong becuase the exercises are getting easier. My friend praised me on my girl push up. She said my body is getting strong. My arms are building up because of these workout. I can do jumping jacks for 30 seconds now. This might not be a big deal to others but to me it is a true milestone. Last week I could do them for only 5 seconds. I'm so pleased with myself and skinny girl.

My workout routine will change next week. I'm going to add water arobics, boot camp and spinning. It is good to change the routine because I get to works different muscle groups.

Switching routines this weekend:

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Yoga and Turbo Kick Boxing

Sunday - Yoga and Turbo Kick Boxing

It's a rough schedule but it need to be done.

Thanks to my skinny girl!

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