Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grill vs Fried

Ok, here we go! Let's talk about yesterday. My friend ask me to come over to her house to help her decorate the back yard for her daughters birthday party this weekend. I, myself decided to pick up some dinner because I did not like what she was preparing for dinner. So skinny girl made the dinner plans. She planned to pick up brown rice and steamed broccoli from a Tai restaurant and pick up some grilled chicken from KFC. All went well with the rice and broc but like always KFC had a 25 minute wait on the grilled chicken. Now fat girl was tagging along with the plan but when she found out about the 25 minute wait she pushed skinny girl out the way to put the fried chicken pressure on. Skinny girl jumped in and said no go to the grocery store and get the grilled chicken. I, myself agree with skinny girl. I think fat girl was upset but she went for the ride but she was done. So I, myself made it to the store and the grilled chicken was there. So skinny girl asked for 2 grilled legs and 1 grilled wing. Ok, I got the goods but on my way to the cashier counter fat girl appeared. She pulled me towards the deli cakes, cookies, breads, and muffins. Truly I, myself was walking back and forward looking and thinking, should I do this. Now skinny girl was nowhere around. She was not there to help me avoid what fat girl was doing. So, with my will power I made it to the counter but turned and picked up a kit kat candy bar. Yes, I myself did it. Fat girl was not going to be ignored. As I was eating the kit kat bar I was wondering to myself "what happen to skinny girl?" I, myself did not think about the two after that. I helped my friend with her decorations, ate dinner and watch a little tv before I headed home.

This morning I woke up and thought about yesterday and all that I did. I was happy with most of it all except the moment when skinny girl did not help me pull away from fat girl. Skinny girl thought this morning about her workout yesterday and how strong her legs felt. She thought about her workout today and for the rest of the week. Skinny girl is very interesting. She will fight for exercise but she will not fight for food. Skinny girl gives suggestions on how and what to eat but she will not battle with fat girl over the bad foods. That is something I, myself need to figure out.

Now fat girl woke up thinking about food. She wanted a bacon, egg and cheese burrito from the local taco shop. Fat girl was not thinking about exercising or anything about health. She was thinking aobut all the fun things planned for this weekend. Fat girl will not be ignore and she will get attention anyway possible. She get attention from eating and changing plans. She is a heavy hitter when it comes to Skinny girl. Skinny girl is very meek and passive when it comes to food. Ok, this need to be worked on.

Skinny girl workout plan for me today is: TKB-Turbo Kick Boxing and Yoga. That is the plan and I, myself is looking forward to it. I, myself is part of the 100% club. I will give my all. Skinny girl would like for me to eat light.

Fat girl is ok with that plan right know but it is still early in the day. Fat girl is the one that likes to make changes.

This will continue.....

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