Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back Up!

Yesterday was a great day. I was excited about my day and all that I was learning about skinny girl. Skinny girl keeps my mind free from distractions. Fat girl did show her face about 3 minutes before my workout. She was telling me that I was tried from working so hard. She even made me feel like I was missing out on something if I went to the gym. For about 3minutes I felt the following way: Why are you making the gym your life? All of your friends get to go home and relax but you have to put in the work to get this weight off. Fat girl told me I have no life at all. She even ask me once the weight is off then what. How can you be working out with no plan? I think it is a good question but at this time it means nothing. I must do the work. I called up skinny girl and she told me to hang in there it will all pay off in the end. Skinny girl told me not to wait around for class just go.
I arrive at the gym excited about class (Core Central) this is a weight lifting class for the entire body. It was really tough but worth it. My muscles are screaming for mercy. The class was packed with skinny girls and guys. There was not one fat person in the room. That's right not one fat person in the room :-). I need the classes because they are structured and they target muscle groups I would never think to work. Every muscle in my body hurts but that means I'm in the 100% club. It's true, no pain no gain.
My workout class today 24S E.T. was brutal. The teacher is crazy and a maniac. This class includes weights and stepping. You talking about dizzy girl. Dizzy girl could be my next blog site. I had to step out for about 3 minutes to recover. My friend who is in shape said the class was very difficult for her. She was trying to get my attention hoping I would leave early but it did not work. She was happy in the end that we stayed. We both agreed the class is really hard but we need it. This class is about the legs and butt. Those areas are right up our alley.
I noticed in the shower how my arms are looking totally toned. They feel firm and smaller. Skinny girl routine is working. Skinny girl is tough and I don't think many people would do it. Skinny girl is like Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser. She is a warrior when it comes to exercise and anything goes that get my heart rate up. It has been a little scary to push myself so hard but I trust myself.
I really can not talk about food because she is not big on eating. Last night I had a grilled chicken thigh, cabbage and toasted french bread. I also had scoop of ice cream. No guilt at all.
Skinny girl is asking for a massage so I will treat her next week.
This will continue.....

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