Monday, July 27, 2009

Fat Girl Has Been Evicted!

This is my life! Yes, fat girl has been evicted, kicked out, been given the big boot and never to return. Skinny girl owns the building, the house, the body which includes the mind. It feels wonderful. New beginnings!

On Thursday night I informed fat girl this would be her last week here. Her services are no longer needed. It was not hard at all and no love lost. I have been known in the past to kick people out with no regrets. I have had practice.

Skinny girl took over and ran the show for the weekend. The first thing skinny girl did was to give me a two day break from exercising with no guilt. I needed to rest my body for two days and it paid off. Skinny girl is not that demanding when it comes to everyday duties. She loves a clean house and to my surprise she hates TV. I did not watch much TV this weekend.

I took skinny girl to the grocery store to see what she would like to eat and to my surprise she was not interested in grocery shopping. This is great for me in away but on the other hand it is frastrating. I bought some fruit and a cooked grilled chicken and made it a day. She eats healthy and that is what counts. I will not force the food issue anymore.

Last week I talked with my sister about skinny girl and fat girl and their impact on my life. My sister was very supported. I really appreciate that.

I also spoke with one of my dearest friends whom I have known for over 20 years. She is one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. She explained to me that my two girls are like good and evil. She said we all have them but I am just in touch with mine. I explained to her how I thought skinny girl was meek because she only shows up when I called on her. My friend explained that in the bible God gives us "free will" and that could include making mistakes. He will come when we call on him. When she explained that to me I got chills all down my body. My friend hit it on the nail. Skinny girl has been my God. Now, I would hate to call fat girl my devil but that is who she is. I felt free with fat girl, it was "anything go's."

Fat girl is not gone 100% at this point. I believe she will be back in another form of habit. She is not going to give up that fast and without pain. Fat girl is a fight and she will go down for control. I will just wait and see.

I went to a birthday pary on Saturday and it was a blast. The crowd was big with plenty of mexican food and drinks. Skinny girl was in control and ate in moderation. It was really easy and I was able to limit my corn chip intake which has always been really hard. This is all new to me. Skinny girl enjoyed watching all the people in the pool and socializing with the ones who set out. I, myself was at peace. When I got home I did not feel bad about my day because I did not overeat or drink. It was a great day.

There is so much for me to learn about skinny girl and I am looking forward to it. Happy days are here.
My new workout routine for this week:

Sunday: TKB (Turbo Kick Box)
Monday: TKB (Turbo Kick Box)
Tuesday: 24 S. E.T. and Yoga
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: Core Central
Friday: Rest
Saturday: TKB (Turbo Kick Box)
Day at the park for fun.
Sunday: Rest

Stay focus!
Be part of the 100% club
So much more to come.......

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