Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fat Girl Is Trouble!

Let's start with my workout last night. It was wonderful because skinny girl pushed me 100%. Yes, I was part of the 100% club and the (kick boxing camp class) kicked my butt. I pushed myself so hard that I felt like passing out. I, myself felt like a winner to be in the 100% club.

This morning skinny girl was really meek. She did not have much to say just good job and keep it up. Skinny girl planned to workout this morning and she planned to eat very healthy for the rest of the week. Skinny girl loved the way her legs and arms felt after last nights workout. I, myself was proud of skinny girl. So, this morning it was all good. Until.....

Fat girl was angry. This new workout routine is getting on her nerves. Fat girl went into attack mode. Fat girl told me, myself that you are fat and you have not lost any weight. You are working to hard and the exercise is making you sick. Fat girl had me trying on 5 different outfits because she said my body looked fat in them all. She had me, myself wanting to toss the towel in. She was also back on that breakfast burrito crave again. Fat girl wants something to satisfy her because this exercise is not doing it for her. She feels left out and neglected. Fat girl wanted me, myself to feel bad that my body is not showing any progress. Fat girl had me planning a vacation for 1 week to get away from all the exercise routine. She had it all planned out. I was to go and vacation at Bryce Canyon and not think about workout. Fat girl is powerful! Fat girl is a true distractor. She hates that I'm not giving up on what is good for my body.

I ask skinny girl to step in and help. Skinny girl told me to stay focus and strong. It has only been two weeks and it's not about the outside but how the inside feels. Shinny girl told me that I was fine in my clothes and not to change anymore. She told me, myself not to think about going on a vacation for 3 months because I have work to do here. I, myself took skinny girls advice and I, myself became very peaceful and told fat girl to go away. Skinny girl is power as well. Skinny girl is meek and she gives me room to make mistakes but she is there at all time. Skinny girl is there for me when I call her and that is how it should be. Fat girl is always in my face and she is not very nice. I love them both but we need to find that balance.

This morning I, myself went to workout (core boot camp) it was all about the abs, legs and arms. I ask skinny girl to hang with me and push me. She did and when I was falling off she told me to be part of the 100% club. I feel great and successful.

I, myself has decided to ask 50 women that are the ideal shape in my eyes 3 questions. I want to know how they maintain their weight and what is their exercise routine. I will call this group 100%er's: My first member was:

What do you eat for breakfast? Drink coffee with cream
What is your exercise routine? Walking, Cardio Exercise, Tai Chi
What advice would you give me? This is powerful advise: You must care about what you put in your body. Be neurotic about your weight. People care more about what type of toilet paper they use to wipe their butts than what they put in their bodies.

This has been a wonderful week!.....

What I learned this week: Weight management can be a battle and you should listen to the voice of reason. Stay focus.

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