Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scars of Fat!

Weigh in day. When I saw the numbers on the scale my mind went to the negative. Fat girl was right all alone. Why am I doing this? All this work and nothing to show for it. After I had my moment of weakness I looked back at last week numbers and saw that my body fat had dropped. Yes, my weight went up but the fat is melting off. Thank you skinny girl. The scale can make or break your mood. I went from being mad and wanting to give up to happy and patting myself on the back. Good girlfriend! Skinny girl workout routine is working and that is what matters. It's about the amount of fat that is coming off my body. I went from 52.8% to 52.5. I will focus on the fat and not the weight. My clothes are not so tight including my underwear. My plan is to stop wanted to give up so fast. Like I said before fat girl gives me an out. She tells me it is OK to walk away. I do not want to walk away from this journey. This is something that I will work on.
My body feels tried today. The muscles around my knees are sore. As I was walking I felt like I was truly pulling 282 lbs behind me. I saw this lady the other day and she had very fat knees. I said to myself. "Wow! how do you get fat knees." Knees are not very attractive and fat makes them look real ugly. I read when a person want to add fat to their face or lips the doctor will pull fat from the their knees. Very interesting. The best way to add fat to your face is to eat like I use to eat. I was thinking yesterday about dropping weight and how it would change my appearance. I have noticed when a fat person drop a huge amount of weight their face look really old. I will wait and see. Looking old will not keep me dropping the weight.
Fat girl was back in my closet this morning. She had me changing clothes about 5 times before I decided to call up skinny girl for help. I hope this is not going to be a weekly thing because it makes me tried. I wanted to wear a dress because I love showing off my legs but nothing looked good. I decided on pants with a nice top and made it a day. I think this has something to do with the scale. I will to work on it.
OK, skinny girl is into dresses and showing off her back,shoulders and legs. I think fat girl is okay with it as well. Houston, we have a problem. The problem is my fat scar on my back. Yes, I have a fat war scar. Because I have had so much fat on my back for so many years it has cause dark line or scar. This is caused by sweat, oils and dirt on the skin rubbing together. Back fat is a bad thing. I can not wear open back dresses or tops because the scar is ugly. Overeating is bad in so many ways. I will try using scrubs to get it off. If not I will get a pretty tattoo to cover it.
Today, is a rest day and I deserve it. I will have more tomorrow. To be continued......

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