Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Learning to Compete!

Accoring to webster: competing means to strive consciously or unconsciously for an objective (as position, profit,or a prize). This past Saturday during my cycling class I thought about being competitive. My cycling instructor was out so we had a sub. This guy was off the map. He had us riding our bikes like "mad men" being chased by a pack of hungry lions. Instantly, I went into shut down mode. This guy was teaching the class as if it was a race for a million dollars. His legs had to be moving about 100 miles a second. It was not fun at all. He was pushing us really hard and telling us to ride faster because we need to pass the 40 people ahead of us. I said "this is not why I came here today and I surly don't want to be in this race. I looked back at the clock 4 times just wishing the hour would go faster. Well, as you know it did not. It went really slow until I silently slapped myself. Now, I had already wasted 30 minutes being mad at the guy and I had 30 more minutes to get over myself. This is what I told myself: Compete! Be competitive with yourself. Work harder for yourself. Don't give in to the crazy lady inside. After that pep talk I went for it and completed the class like a champ. Well, my vision of a champ. I could kick myself for wasting so much time and acting like a big baby.

This "competitive" stuff got me thinking about my lack of competing. I have never been a competitive person because I did not believe in competing with others. My mother raised me to believe in myself and not to worry about others. I do not enjoy competing with others but I love being a cheerleader for them. I have no idea if I want to be competitive during my exercise routine. I really want to figure this competition thing out. I started to wonder if I had been more competitive in my early years could I have avoided being a fat girl.

I have questions:

How can I become a more competitive person? (exercise)

How do you all compete when it comes to exercise?

Still researching foods high in fiber: veggies

Artichoke, cooked - highest
Peas, cooked
Broccoli, boiled
Turnip greens
Sweet corn

Tomorrow exercise routine: weight lifting and boot camp


  1. Thank you for the note in my blog! I do not like competing in exercise either. In some programs I've been involved in, when the staff tries to encourage us to get better and better, I just hate it. I think that's because I feel lucky that I am even going through the motions at all, let alone trying to do MORE! Not proud of that, but it's true.

  2. find someone who runs/walks just a bit faster than you, and go for a run together... you'll find yourself enjoying it more and getting a lot more out of it.

    (so will they - when you start to pass 'em up!)