Friday, September 25, 2009

Nutritional Value vs. Boundaries!

I am very happy to be back blogging. My computer was down for a few days. I really missed you all!

Thanks to all for the positive feedback regarding boundaries vs moderation. This week I was able to put my boundary list in play. My list will includes foods with no "nutritional value". By valuing what goes into my body I will never have to ask myself "why did you eat that?" I attended a wedding party on Tuesday and I was able to walk away from the cake without hesitation. I munched out on the fruit in the picture. It was a rewarding feeling. Yesterday, at work a coworker brought in donuts for the office and I was able to stay away. I can not justify eating these foods so that is why they must be on this list. I will have a short list on Monday.


  1. mmmmm....that looks so yummy!! Good for you with your self control!

  2. Wow, that fruit looks so good! Great job on a NSV!