Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dropping Fat not Weight!

Lets keep the beach theme going because it's almost Labor Day. Happy about having a long weekend. For the first time in 8 weeks I have nothing planned for the weekend and I am okay with that.
Good news on "operation fat blaster" my fat percentage is down again (3%) because of all that cardio and weight lifting. My weight is still up because of the increase in muscle tissue and that is okay with me. It's really hard not to focus on the weight because that is what I have been conditioned to watch for so many years. It's just a new way thinking.
Yesterday after class a lady yelled for attention across the parking lot. I stopped, she approached and said "Wow! you look wonderful, you have lost a bunch of weight. What is your secret?" Now, I had no idea who this lady was but I have seen her in the past. She works in the area and she has seen me many times. I replied with a jolly smile, there is no secret just true dedication and love for myself. She explained how her weight issue is starting to cause health problems. I asked her the following question "are you ready to make a lifestyle change?" She was perplexed and not willing to answer the question. I told her to sit down and make a weight lost plan for one month that she could commit too. She agreed that it is important to know why you want to do something. I also encouraged her to pick up a 15 day fitness pass at the local gym before signing a contract. The lady seemed very grateful as we said good-bye. I hope to see her soon.
Kickboxing tonight for the fat rolls. Tomorrow is a pamper day at the spa (Vichy shower body scrub) with a friend. I can not wait!
Enjoy Labor Day!


  1. How wonderful that you were able to share with her. You could have changed her life forever! That's what I love so much about seeing people succeed and share what they've learned - it's contagious!

  2. That's so wonderful that a neighbor stopped and asked about your weight loss! The change must look really extreme for her to feel comfortable approaching you like that. Way to go!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about trying not to focus on the number on the scale. I’ve found that trying on clothes is a better indication of where I am in my weight loss journey.

    It sounds like you gave that woman some wise and excellent advice. I’ll bet she always remembers talking to you and that you were kind enough to take the time to help her. As Diane said above, you may have changed the woman’s life. :-)


  4. I love your response to her question on how to lose the weight. I think everyone of us who has been at this for awhile now realizes that there really is no secret just true dedication and love for one's self. I love myself enought tonight not to eat another helping of dinner!

  5. Hi, just found your blog...
    I love it when you say drop fat not weight..
    Because it's the fat that makes us FaT, ^~^
    But, I just read a scary fact article that says there is no such thing like weight up in the middle of diet because gaining muscle or something like that. I don't remember where it's from because I read it a long time ago...
    Knowing that fact makes me work a little harder.
    What about you?
    Do you believe that article?