Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Month - New Beginnings!

Hello September! My mind and body is new and well. This morning I woke-up feeling skinny again. Taking up less space than last month and looking leaner as well. I would love to bottle this feeling and giving away. My hard work is paying off mentally and physically. Dropping this weight is my first priority. It takes dedication, discipline, structure, strength, faith and a true love for self. I had to acknowledge all my distractions and past failures to get here. Understanding the difference between fat girl and skinny girl is the key to the new me. Like I wrote in my earlier postings, fat girl was my distraction and my out. She made it okay to skip workouts and overeat for no reason. I was not okay with that life. My road is still long but I have direction now. I am in the 100% club and failure is not an option.
Here is my plan for the month: 1. Give myself a big hug for having a successful month and sticking with my plan. 2. Eat only complex carbs which includes: spinach, greens, cabbage, broccoli, oatmeal, brown rice and many more. 3. Cut out the simple carbs which includes: table sugar, cake, cookies, white flour and many more. 4. Tossing the salt shaker and butter out. 5.Read one health article a day. 6. Do one new exercise move per week. 7. Add 2 aqua aerobics and 2 Pilate's classes to the monthly workout schedule. 8. Sign up for 2 indoor rock climbing classes. I will continue with my 8 weight lifting classes, 4 TKB classes, 3 Yoga classes, 2 Boot Camp classes and 4 Spinning classes. For extra fun I will add 2 Jumba and 1 Hip Hop classes to my schedule. Pamper myself with 2 massages and 1 Vichy Shower body scrub treatment. It looks overwhelming but I have made it's part of my life. This is me putting myself first. I want to make these 30 days count.
My goal is to drop between 6-10% body fat this month. My body fat is at 48% as of today. I am looking forward to my new body.
I kicked off the month with a weight lifting class. The class is getting easier so I need to increase the weights. The instructor worked us out really hard and told us that she loved us. She wanted us to know that she could feel our pain. All I heard was moans and groans. That work out had nothing to do with love. It was hell on earth!
It's time to make it happen.....

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