Sunday, February 7, 2010

Neglecting What Is Important!

Old feelings making a comeback! This blog today is dedicated to the statement "I don't feel like going to the gym." I have made this statement twice this weekend and I hate it. Friday, I decided not to go for "no reason" at all and today I woke-up with the statement on my mind. This is the statement that help contribute to my weight gain and unhealthy life style.

This morning I tried to think of 3 reasons why I should honor this statement but I could not come up with one so it has to be laziness. Maybe it has something to do with school and not being able to balance the two. Are maybe it's the first signs of neglect. That is a powerful word but appropriate to use.

Starting today I will not allow that statement to rule my life because I am going to put my health before everything else. Instead of waking up thinking about school, work, etc I will make it a habit again to think about what I need to do to stay on this journey to a better me. For the past two weeks school has been on my mind and that is why it has been so easy for me to say " I don't feel like..."

My health has to come first and everything else can go under the balancing catagory. Balancing work, school, family and friends is easy once I have taken care of my health by eating healthier and exercising.

My priorty plan:

Exercise and eating healthy
Job duties
Social activities including family and friends

Today I am going to the gym (kickboxing class) for my health and after that I am going to enjoy some social time with friends at a super bowl party. After the party I will come home study for school and prepare for work tomorrow. I can have it all!

Question of the day! How do you balance it all out (exercise, work, family)? Are you neglecting one area to focus on another?

I noticed since school started I was feeling the need to put my weekend workouts on the back burner (neglect). Going to the gym is important to my health and my goal to drop 40 pounds before the end of the year. I am so happy that I saw the light early and was able to stop the behavior before it got out of control. Neglect can come on so fast please believe me.

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  1. The answer to question, I still have not figured it out yet. I have a hard time with balance and have not worked out in 3 days.