Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Hot Hula Girl"

I am on a cardio workout plan this week. For the past 4 days my workout routine has been all cardio. Sunday I went to the coolest cardio class call "Hot Hula" and man was it hot. The routine was all about the back of the legs and waist. My body was so sore from the workout but I have to admit it has been the best exercise for the back of my legs. I thought squats and lunges was the best but this class take the cake hands down.
This morning I run a little over 1 mile with my friend and that was a ton of fun. My goal is to run twice a week to build up my endurance.
Good news! My clothes are getting baggy again so that is good in the excessive fat department.
Next, week I will add a few aqua classes to my routine to help with the soreness. Today, I was to sore to do Yoga.
I reduced my weight by 4 pounds last month so I am on the right track with 36 pounds to go.

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  1. That class sounds like a good workout!! Dont you love when clothes start to get baggy :} Keep up the great work