Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting a Nature Workout!

Exercise: My exercise this weekend was helping my dear friend build and plant a raised garden. We pulled weeds, measure hammered and shoved. This was a huge raised garden and it took us 8 hours to build and 5 hours to plant. When it was all over it was so rewarding to see the outcome. I told my friend I could do this every weekend because of the reward to come in a few months. My abdomens, arms, back, legs, butt, and thighs got a really good workout.

Thai Massage: This was the best massage ever. I got pulled, pushed, and bend in half. It felt so good during and after. This type of massage looks painful but it is one of the best way to get a good stretch. It's called "yoga for the lazy person". The therapist found so many sore spots on my body. I had no idea that my body was in so much pain. Most of the sore spots were in my legs and lower back. My plan is to go back to getting a massage every week. Being a member of Massage Envy make it possible because it is so affordable. I would recommend to all the people that workout to invest in yourself by getting a massage at least once a month. Your body will love it.

Eating: I had a great eating week and added a new vegetable to my diet. Beet leaves taste good when saute in a little olive and onions. Great addition.

School: Last week in my physical anthropology we learned about traits, genes, genetic drift, gene flow and natural selection. This week will be all about monkey's. This class and subject is crazy but very interesting.


  1. I'm definitely searching for a therapist here so I can try "yoga for the lazy person" manana!

  2. A massage sounds so nice- great way to pamper yourself! The garden project definitely sounds like a workout! We have a raised garden, but just a little one.

  3. ooooh Ive longed to try that as well.

    uh, the massage not the gardening :)
    Ive been there done that and gotten sore as HECK as a result


  4. Gardening is definitely a workout! :) Glad to hear your doing well!!