Monday, July 5, 2010

Week Review!

Week recap!

Exercise: Still going strong and on track. This week I went back to doing Pilates because I really missed it. I need this class because it really keeps my abs in top shape. The cardio classes are good for my heart and reducing fat but doing Pilates a few times during the week help me maintain toned legs, arms and abs. It's so gentle and relaxing. I have realized that jumping and running around in my boot camp and Zumba class can be really hard on my 42 year old body.

Eating: Saturday I had homemade fried chicken, rice and gravy. OMG! It was so good. I have not eaten like this in months. I woke up thinking about the dish and decided to make it and enjoy every bit of it.

School: Well we have a new teacher for my anthropology class. She knows how to keep the class on track and she do not allow people to disrespect her or the class. I made a "B" on my first test and an "A" on my homework assignment. This week we will focus on DNA, genes, mitosis, and meiosis. I can not believe my desire to learn about these topics. Two weeks down and six more to go.

Awareness: Living life should not be toxic. I realized once again that toxic people should not be in my life. Happy day!


  1. Glad everything is going well! Sometimes we just need one of those meals that we crave. It's great to actually enjoy a meal like that too and savor it without going overboard.

  2. Mmmm fried chicken. I'm with Mae, sometimes we just need'em :) Good to know all is well on your end! I love Pilates too.