Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Flower For You All!

Pick your flower! This picture is dedicated to all my blogging friends. I just want to say thanks again to you all for the wonderful comments on my post yesterday. All your comments touched my heart because you all proved to me that we are doing this all for different reasons.

It was nice to read how many of you started out going to the gym to reduce your weight but changed direction. I can tell you all love it and understand why exercising must be a part of our daily life. Thanks to you all again.

Question of the day: How do you support a friend that hates to exercise but need to reduce her weight because the doctor told her too? Little history. Today my friend doctor told her she has high blood pressure because of her weight. The doctor would like for her to reduce her weight by 60 pounds with the first 10 pounds gone by June of this year. I have given her suggestions but she just shoot them down. Her #1 excuse is - no time. I told her to start walking but she don't think that will work. I can not think of anything that will help her. I told her that it will take time and work.

So, I am calling out for any suggestions. Thanks!


  1. As much as you want to help your friend, there's really not much more you can do beyond what you have already done. It's the old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. She has to have that realization for herself. I'm sure that right now she's in a bit of denial about it, but once she gets over that step, she'll be ready. Just keep encouraging her. Let her know it's one tiny step at a time. 10 minutes of exercise a day at first is plenty!

  2. Is she committed to making eating changes also? You can still do what I did for a friend (who is now trying running! YIPPEE!). Invite them for walks and fill the walks with great conversation and gossip. They'll make time for them if they enjoy them. Encourage without being pushy.
    But honestly, they have to decide it's time. My MIL has had health stuff slap her in the face for a year and still hasn't committed to better. It's something that they have to turn the switch on just like you and I did.
    Just let them know that when the switch is turned, you're there.
    Offer to share lunches, etc that are healthy. Talk about awesome healthy food finds. If you are exited, they will see it and want to be in on it.