Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pilates in 2010!

Pilates in 2010: Today was my first Pilates class of the year and it was wonderful. My plan this month is to take 3 Pilates Infusion classes per week. My goal is to work this belly and inner thighs off. The instructor was a former dancer and his body was build like one. He was very lean with nice muscle tone. The class was not the traditional Pilates class and I was okay with that. We did a ton of ballet moves that focused on the abs. Some of the moves challenged me but I hung in there. My plan was to do a weight lifting class right after but the Pilates class was the perfect full body workout. I took a 4 hour nap when I got home.

My post is short and sweet tonight!


  1. You have so much energy girl!! You are too good! Glad your enjoying the class. :-)

  2. Pilates is on my list of things I'm afraid to do as a fat person!