Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Real Reason for This!

Yesterday in class my new weight lifting instructor gave us two phrases of advice.

First: It takes hard work to look pretty.

Second: Our workout will be easier if we reduce our weight.

He was brutal but he seem to really care about us. This guy has a real passion for exercising and getting the job done.

He did something I have never seen before. He called all the folks up to the front that was hoping to gain weight. Yes! gain weight. I was surprise to see how many people walked up front. He told them that their workout will be different. He gathered them and started them out on their road to gaining weight. I noticed a few nervous and fearful faces. But after a few moments that all changed and the class turned out to be a lot of fun for us all. It was interesting to see all the different exercises for folks trying to gain weight.

I thought about these folks after class and realized we are all at the gym for different reasons. Some are there to bulk up, reduce weight, gain agility, build strength, improve stamina, fit in that new dress or just find a place to relax. We all have a reason for working out.

After class I felt inspired and motivated not to forget my reasons for working out. This is something I must think about everyday and plan for it every week. My reason is very clear - reduce the fat on my waist, legs, and arms. If I don't think about my purpose the old habits will return and I will gain the weight back. I can not go back!

My questions of the day: What is your real reason for working out/going to the gym?


  1. When I first started out, my one and only reason for working out was to lose weight. Now that I've gone for so long and I feel the muscles growing.. I go to get stronger, too.
    I want to be thin, but I want to be FIT and super strong! GRR! :) I want to have a body that is able. Fully able to do anything that is asked of it.

  2. My reason WAS to lose weight, then somewhere along the way I started to like it. (Crazy I know). Now I miss it if I skip a day.
    Now my purpose is to target certain muscle groups and to enjoy myself. (I have to remind myself of the enjoying part sometime).

    Congrats to you though to finding a class. I bet you're going to like it.

  3. Wow, that's pretty neat that there were people looking to gain weight. Thin people have weight issues too!!

    I started exercising to lose weight. Now I exercise to really challenge myself and be more fit :)

  4. That's a great way to look at it. I sometimes forget the real reason I'm trying to lose weight. I have so many real reasons for working out but the main one is to become healthier.

    I always find it's interesting to hear about people wanting to GAIN weight. It's remarkable how their struggles are much the same as ours, trying to lose weight. I had a friend who tried so hard to gain weight and just couldn't seem to do it. Seeing how much it pained her made me realize how alike we were, even though I weighed 250 lbs and she only 100.