Monday, January 4, 2010

My Happy List In 2010!

Five things that will make me happy in 2010:

1. Not being diagnosed with cancer will make me happy in 2010.
2. Becoming totally debt free will make me happy in 2010.
3. Not losing my job will make me happy in 2010.
4. Getting rid of all the fat on my belly will make me happy in 2010.
5. Finishing six college courses will make me happy in 2010.

My 1st happy goal is out of my control but I can do things like not getting stressed, eating healthier and getting a doctor check up to stay healthy.
My 2nd happy goal is totally in my control and that will be done by the end of April. Debt free for life!
My 3rd happy goal is to continue to work hard and be a great asset to my company. My heart goes out to the folks that are unemployed. Stay strong!
My 4th happy goal is in my control as well. Workout 5 days a week and watch my portions because that will get the job done.
My 5th happy goal is in my control. I have used all the above as reasons for not going back to school but that is all over. My goal is to get my degree in two years. No more excuses!

This list is in order of importance. The list is short because I do not want to overwhelm myself. 2010 is about keeping life simple but getting the job done.

Question of the day: Have you made a happy list for 2010?


  1. My boyfriend and I consolidated all of our credit cards and paid a HUGE chunk of everything off. We have car payments, a house payment and one other small loan that we pay on versus all that plus 5 credit cards. AHHH!! It feels good to be debt free!!

    Good job, I love your list!