Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Focusing on the Insides!

Yesterday was my first day of summer school. The subject is "physical anthropology". I decided to take this class because I want to learn and add new words to my vocabulary. The professor and most of the people in the class are very interesting. There was a lot of interesting questions about why different cultures do what they do.

I finished college over 20 years ago and my degree help me get a great job and that job has allowed me to travel and that is a good thing. But, now I am in school to learn without the pressure of needing to finish so I can get a job. Now I can take the classes that I am interested in like anthropology, history, psychology, human development, biology, chemistry and so many more. When I am in class my brain is like a firecracker just sparking and bursting off with knowledge. I love the knowledge.

Exercise and Eating news: My body is sore after all the workout classes from last weekend so I need to pump up my stretching routine. Eating is going very well and balance.

Blood test results: I saw my doctor yesterday and she was very pleased with my recent blood test. All the numbers came back within normal range and some better than normal. She was very pleased to see that my kidneys are doing very well. I am always worry about my kidneys because I had a third of my kidney removed because of a cancerous tumor. So all my hard work over the past year has paid off on the inside. Lower cholesterol and blood glucose is what I was trying to achieve and I did it. Sometimes it not how you look on the outside but how the inside is working.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. That last statement is so true. Good to know that everything is alright. Have a wonderful day as well!

  2. Great to hear that everything is ok.