Thursday, June 10, 2010

Giving UP! Non-Organic Foods

Today was a great day here in gloomy San Diego. The month of June always bring clouds and the misty rain. It's okay with me because sometimes I get tried of the sun.

I got up this morning and walked for about 30 minutes. It was great and refreshing. My head was clear and ready to start my day.

After my walk I had organic old fashion oatmeal w/organic blueberries and organic milk. Truly certified organic and local. For lunch I had organic chicken thighs over organic grilled carrots. Very yummy! I never thought eating could feel this good.

My coworker ask me to go out with her so she could pick up lunch. She offered to buy me lunch but I happily declined. My plan is to eat 95% organic and leave 5% for going out on special occasions. San Diego is a very healthy city but we do not have many organic restaurants yet. The only 100% organic restaurant that I am aware of is the one in the airport. Well, I am not going to the airport to eat organic. I will be flexible but I will tell you now that eating out is not very appealing to me since I have made the transition.

Like I said yesterday there is no stress about what I am going to eat or shop for. Heck shopping is made easy and I love it. I have to say that today I went to Costco because I heard they had organic meats and they did but only whole chickens. So, I did the math and decided on two whole chickens that cost - don't scream because I did not $18.15 for two yes two organic chickens. It did not hurt one bit and I was very proud of myself. The cost per chicken was $9.25 each and I will cut them up into 10 pieces (I cut both breast in half which will give me 4) which will make each piece worth .93 per piece. So I have 20 pieces of chicken plus the backs for stock. The butcher told me that the organic beef goes really fast so I would need to be at the store first thing to get organic beef. I will do that.

The nice thing about eating organic is that I do not look down on people that eat non-organic foods. But when I was on a diet and eating non-organic foods I would look down on people who was eating unhealthy foods like greasy burgers and fries. It is the weirdest thing and I can not explain it.

Since I have been reading about eating organic foods I have a new love for foods and a appreciation for its purpose. In the past food has always been my enemy and I did not really enjoy it because I blamed it for making me fat. All that has gone now.

This weekend my plan is to continue to educate myself on eating organic and producing my own foods. I am going to get some exercise in every morning and evening by walking for 30 minutes.

So that is the plan! To all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Shopping organic and making the transition! Going organic can be expensive and that is because most people want to continue to buy non-organic foods. For the transition to be cheaper you need to go 100% organic. Just leave the non-organic foods in the dust. If that is impossible just start with the small items like milk, eggs, butter, jams, apples, etc. As you continue with the transition you will notice the extra dollar will not hurt as much. For me it cost less because I gave up buying the non-organic foods. Good Luck!


  1. I adore that it was a great day.
    and interesting what you say about the looking down on the grease and not on the nonorganic consumers.

    FOR ME that would be just that Ive found what I LOVE
    what works for ME

    and Im happy.


  2. I usually buy organic chicken, too. I've started to cut all of the breasts in half because one breast is double a serving size of meat. Way to go!

  3. Sounds like you are in sucha good place in your life. That is wonderful!