Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going Organic and Loving It!

Three weeks ago I decided to only eat foods under the certified organic label. It was time for me to take a real look at what was going in my body. So I eased myself into to it and now my kitchen is 100% certified organic. I has been wonderful and not as expensive as I thought.

I ask my friends to come over and take everything in my cabinets and freezer that was not organic. I have to admit that it was so shocking to see how many bags of non-organic food was carried out of my house. It had to be over a $175 worth of food.

Also, I have lost 6 pounds since I made the change and that has been the most rewarding of all. The weight reduction is because I am eating less food. When you go organic you think about what is going into your body and how much you eat because of the price of the food. You will not overeat when you eat organic. I have also notice I will buy 4 organic apples and cut them in half instead of buying 7 of the conventional grown at the cheaper price. Everything I eat is measured.

Going organic has limited my choices and I think it's better. If it's not organic it will not go in my body. It's nice to go in the store now and not feel pressured by the advertising of non-organic. It's easy for me to say no. Food just taste better and overall my grocery bill has decreased because I am not buying all the processed junk. Yes, it's true my bill has decreased. I am measuring out my organic meats like chicken, ground sirloin, and ground chicken to 4 ounce servings. I am also eating less meat so that helps a lot.

I have to say eating organic chicken is so different for the conventional chicken. It taste meaty not like rubber. The organic beef taste like beef with less fat and water. I was even able to find organic ice cream that was very creamy and tasty.

So that is what is going on with me this week. I am on my way. I am also going to start a garden this weekend so that will be another way for me to stay motivated. Eating and living healthy.

I have to give a shout out to my friend that has been feeding her family of seven (7) 100% organic for over 3 years now. Please believe me this wife and mother is not rich. Just a working middle class family in America making the choice to truly eat healthy. Thanks lady for motivating me for all these years. I finally did it at 100%. It can be done!

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