Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Old Routines and Friends!

Okay, the earthquake last night felt like the "Big One" but it was only rank 5.7 on the earthquake scale. It hit at 9:36 p.m. The house rocked, rolled, and dipped. It felt like the floor was fall in. It lasted about 10 seconds but it felt like 10 minutes. When you are in an earthquakes seconds can feel like minutes. We had a 4.9 on Saturday and that one rocked the house pretty good as well. Today we talked about it for most of the morning at work. I hate when a earthquake hits during work because my office building is on rollers and that just intensify the movements. Earthquakes are part of California and that will never change.

So yesterday was my first day without going to the gym and I have to say it was really nice. I was able to come home earlier and clean my kitchen really good. In the past I have always been to tried to do anything after work and my workout. So coming home even to clean is not bad at all. Today, I was able to clean my bathroom and scrub the floor by hand. It smells really nice and looks very shiny. I was even able to talk to my 87 year old grandmother to catch up on all the family drama back in Texas. So my new schedule have some wonderful benefits. I will have a cleaner house and a happier family.

For lunch I went out with a friend of mine that is expecting her 2nd bundle of joy. She just found out the she was having another girl. She is totally a girly mom so I was expected her 2nd to be a girl. Okay back on track, after lunch my stomach did not feel so good. I had a cup for tomato soup (gourmet style) and a slice of basil and cheese pizza. The food was not organic but it of good quality. I have notice in the past few weeks when I eat non-organic food my stomach hurts really bad. I am not sure if there is a true correlation but something is not right.

Orange Tree: My friend has two orange trees in her backyard so this will be my source for oranges and they are organic. She also has a lemon and lime tree so that will take care of the citrus. I have a few more friends that have plums, peaches, and apple trees that I can go shopping off of anytime of the week. This will help reduce my organic budget a bit. The nice thing about living in California is the abundance of fruit trees in the area. It's also nice to have friends that will share.

This morning I informed my workout friends that I would not be working out with them during the week and to my surprise they seemed really happy about it. They wanted to make a workout change as well but they felt obligated to stick with the old routine and the group. Most of them agreed that it was getting to be a little routine and boring. So in the end they will go their own way and we will meet every once in awhile for a bike ride or hike.

That is it for now!

Question: Do you have a routine that is getting old?


  1. Oh you are so lucky to be near so many fruit trees and definitely to have friends who share! Fruit is so expensive here in GA.
    I had a very brief moment where I felt my P90X routine was getting old but for some reason I don't feel like that now.

  2. I'm so jealous of the fruit!!!

    After a couple of weeks I get bored with anything.

  3. You are in such a good place! I think changing up your routine so you can do other things that are important is great! I'm sure your family will appreciate the time they will have to spend with you now. :)

    Oh and how lucky are you to have friends with fruit trees, LOL!! It's nice of them to share with you! :)