Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giving Permission!

Hey guys I survived my weight lifting class this morning. I realized why the class has been so hard these past two weeks. With the addition of Capoiera and step aerobics I am not giving myself time to recover for my weight lifting class on Tuesday. My legs felt fatigue from my Capoiera class last night. I could not get them to work this morning for the weight lifting class. You talking about jello legs. I was showing signs of frustration during class because I was so tried. I even contemplated walking out but I did not want to give in to the fatigue. As I tuned out the instructor I thought about why my body was so tried. I turned to my 29 year old friend and said "no more step aerobics on Mondays", it's time for me to make a choice. Capoeira and weight lifting takes priority because the benefits are better for my body this month. I realized today that I am not superwoman.

Doctor's check-up: Today when my doctor saw me she almost fainted because of the my weight. She said "you look so skinny and much taller". She ask for my secret. I told her no secret just food boundaries and exercise. She wanted to know more about my food boundaries and I told her that I cut out all the junk, fat, and processed foods. After checking my ears she told me not to deprive myself of all the bad stuff. According to her, it's okay to eat a small bit of pie or ice cream every once in awhile. I assured her that I was not depriving myself of those things I just had no desire to eat them anymore. It was funny to hear her give me permission to eat junk food. She is very sweet but no junk for me.

Permission to eat: For the past few days I have heard so many people giving themselves and others permission to eat any and everything because of the holidays. This is how it sounds "it's okay to eat that because it's the holidays". The media loves to give us permission but later tell us how wrong it was for us to do it. Sadly, I have read that a few bloggers are giving up on their health journey because of the holidays. They are writing about how hard it is to stick with their health plans during the holidays. I just want to tell them to stay strong this will pass. My instructor told us 2 months ago that the average American will gain between 8 - 15 pounds (give and take a few) between Halloween and New Years. Those numbers are disturbing for the obese community. I don't want to go down that road again so I will give myself permission not to overeat and stay away from the foods with no nutritional value. I am looking forward to the holidays and all that comes with it.

Exercise: rest and relax tomorrow

Question of the day: Will you give yourself permission to eat any and everything? Why?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm with you. I've already planned a low-fat menu for Thanksgiving. Even my desert, if I decide to have one, will be a low-fat desert. I'm trying to lose weight during the holidays not gain. It's a personal choice but I feel like I've indulged enough during the holidays and that's why I'm in the position I'm in now. I have years of indulgence pounds from previous holidays that I'm trying to get rid of. So no over indulgence for me! :-)

    Oh and Congrats on your doctors visit!I go back in January and I want a success story to tell too, so I'm working hard. You must have felt wonderful after your doctor told you to eat! LOL

  2. I will NOT give myself permission to eat anything and everything. I worked entirely too hard to get to this far and I'm not screwing it up for one holiday.

  3. Nope, won't do it. I'm usually not a big eater during the Holidays, anyways.

  4. I give myself "little" permissions for things I can handle. I know that if I deny myself all the things I love about Thanksgiving I will set myself up for a superbinge.

    I agree though, it's not a time to go crazy