Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Instructor aka Crack Girl Is Crazy!

My workout today was a total beat down. The instructor -aka- crack girl kicked our butts. OMG! it was so hard that I had to call "cut" before the end of class. Crack girl had us go from lunges to squats, to jumping jacks, to skips, to around the world and back all in 3 minutes. We did that for the first 45 minutes of the class. It was so hard that even the best of the best had to step out the room for a few minutes.

Even my 100% girl was out of breath and dizzy. She ask the instructor "hey what are you trying to do to us?" crack girl just gave her a smile and said "next move". Lazy girl was in the class as well trying to keep up. She thinks the instructor is crazy but she loves the class. She is working out and enjoying every bit of it.

My body is still smothering and very sore. Between this class twice a week and my Capoeira class three times a week my body is asking for rest. These are some demanding classes because every part of the body is being used. I am very happy to report that I did 7 girl push-ups today without taking a break. That is a milestone for me because I have not had the upper body strength. Capoeira is helping me gain upper body strength.

Speaking of Capoeira: in class we worked on our defense moves. We did a ton of stooping, squatting, blocking, and grabbing. From what I can tell "women fight dirty" and the guys let us know it too. I practiced with the guys because they appeared to be sweeter. Every class is pushing me further and further out of my c-zone. This class really builds confidence.

This is it for today! I need rest. Enjoy your day.

Tomorrow exercise: Yoga

Tomorrow post will be: Making your own health plan

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