Thursday, November 12, 2009

My 4 Month Weight Reduction! & A Funny Story to Share.

I would like to say thanks to all of you for commenting on my post yesterday. I cherish you all so much. I forgot to share how much I have lost so far. As of today-4 months later:

Weight loss: 28 pounds
Fat lost: 15%
Dress size: down from size 22 to 18/16-belly 18/legs 16. Yes, I have a neck now according to one of my coworkers. I still like her!

This is a wonderful accomplishment for me because I have struggle for so many years not knowing what to do. In the end it was my job to do the research and design the plan that was right for me and my life. That is why it is working.

One of my set backs in the past was going back to my same bad health habits thinking I could maintain the weight that was loss. This is why it so important to look at weight lose as a life change not a diet.

Here is a funny story that happen today: My friend that I will call "Tgirl" invited me to lunch. As we set waiting for our meal she told me about this new diet that her friend was on. She explained how her friend loss 40 pounds without exercising. So, being curious I ask "Wow! how did she do that?" She said her new diet included foods like grilled chicken, salads, oatmeal, veggies, no fats, or sweets. And not eating after 5 p.m. I said "Oh! she is eating healthy" and my friend said (this is the funny part) "No! she is on a diet." I said is she planning to go back to her old bad eating habits? and my friend said "Yes!". So I said "well I think your friend should hold on to her larger pant sizes because she will gain all that weight back and maybe more". My friend looked at me with confusion and said "well I am going to try it her way for awhile." I realized at that point she was not ready to her what really need to be done. So, our food came and we talked more and laughed even more. I love me friend but now I can understand why she struggles so much with losing weight.

Just from that conversation I learned why obese people struggle with weight. It's because we think eating healthy is a diet and it is something to do when we want to lose weight for a special event or to fit in a smaller jean size. We don't think long term and a diet of healthier eating should be our standard diet for life. I will call it the Healthy Life Diet that includes: healthy carbs, proteins, fruits, veggies, and less sugar/fats/salt. Eating this way will keep the weight off for life with a few needed changes and exercises. It blows my mind to hear that someone would go back to their old ways of eating and risk the chance of gaining the weight back. We have to look at healthy eating, portion control and exercise as a way of life. But as my friend said "it's a diet".

Exercise today: Weight lifting-my regular instructor went to London for 2 weeks so we had a new lady. She was really good but not as crazy and hard as the regular instructor. This lady worked us out soft but we still kicked up a sweat. My body is still trying to recover from my Tuesday slam class so having it a little soft was okay with me. I have Capoeira tonight so I am sure my body will be needing a well deserve rest tomorrow. I will be in the bed until noon.

To all have a wonderful and safe weekend.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss!
    Some people will never get the whole 'eating healthy' thing. Oi vey!

  2. Congratulations! 28lbs in four months is huge!! I know you are so proud of yourself.

  3. You make a great point. Eating healthy is key for long term success, not dieting.