Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Capoiera - True Kick Butt Workout!

Yesterday was my first Capoiera class and it was so amazing. The first thing the Capoiera instructor said to us was "you will work muscles that you never knew you had." OMG! he did not lie.

Okay, I knew this class was no joke when the warm-up took 40 minutes long with none stop movements. Even the cool down was 15 minutes and that was after the warm-up.

The warm-up movement was called "Ginga" according to wikipedia the movement consist of rocking back and forth, and swinging the arms. "Ginga" is done to prepare the body for other movements: hiding, dodging, feinting and attacking. It puts a capoeiristas in constant motion making them a frustrating target for an opponent. It's all about the core during this exercise.

For me this move is a total body workout. It worked my back, obliques, abs, upper and lower butt, thighs, arms, and even the feet. After doing this move for 20 minutes my pelvic area start to feel very loose and easier to transition from one foot to the other.

The next move was called "Bencao" meaning a "blessing" in disguise. It's a straight forward frontal push kick. It is commonly aimed at the abdominal or chest area, and the capoeirista hits with either the whole sole of the foot or with the heel. This is a great move for the butt and legs.

I have to say that this class just with the first visit has pulled me completely out of my comfort zone and bumped my exercise level to a new high. I needed this class. My body is sore but it's happy because of all the new muscles being targeted. This class is a true enhancement to my workout routine and life.

Capoiera has over 50 moves and I plan on mastering them all. Even the flips.

Exercise: Weight lifting


  1. Youre braver than I :) Im glad you had a great time though, and Im sure you WILL master all those moves! Congrats on completing your first class!

  2. Exciting stuff girl...I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it....I know what you mean about being sore but happy...that's the best feeling. :)