Friday, October 30, 2009

November - Out of the Comfort Zone!

New month brings new beginnings. Since I started this journey the first of the month has become my favorite because I have a chance to reflect on the previous and make needed changes. The 1st is like being reborn again. Last night I was able to put the finishing touches on my November schedule and registrar from a new class called Capoiera. This class falls under my new fitness category called "Stepping out of my Comfort Zone." I decided to add this category because my monthly routine was getting to be a little too safe. So by adding this category it will force me to experience new forms of exercises, work muscles that have not been worked, meet new people, learn new vocabulary words, and enjoy life so much more. I have a short list right now but this category will include classes that will run for only a month with an option to registrar again the following month. My list include classes like: Fencing, Ballroom/Tap/ Salsa/Belly dancing, Tribal Fusion, Zumba Dynamix, Tumbling, Running/Hiking club, Golfing for fitness and GRAVITYPilates Boot Camp. Okay, I guess the list is not that short. Most of these classes are offered at my local YMCA and they all cost under $60 per month. The Capoiera class cost $45.00 for the entire month which includes 13 classes. This is a total steal for me.

Capoiera: A form of martial art integrated with dance, ritual, & music. Some of the benefits includes: building endurance, flexibility, mobility and confidence. It improves synapses and circulation. It also fine-tunes concentration and teaches self-control as well as respect for self and others. Lastly, it encourages creativity and an individualistic expression. The first class starts Monday and I can not wait.

November workout plan: 4 Tai Chi classes, 5 Step classes (:30), 7 Weight lifting classes, 4 Yoga classes, 5 Cycle classes and 13 Capoiera classes. This is a well rounded load that I am excited about. One of my friends ask, how can I do it all? My reply to her was "these classes take on a daily average only 1.5 hours out of my day of 24 hours". That is nothing because in the past I would sit and watch TV for up to 5 hours a day. I explain to her that these classes enhance my life and that something that the TV could never do.

November eating plan: Eat according to the Mediterranean diet. This is my eating theme for the month.

November psychological plan: Be concern with the mirror and the fit of my clothes, not the scale.

November social and pamper plan: Enjoy the holiday with family and friends by treasuring every moment that we all have together. Schedule 2 full body massages and 1 Mud Wrap.

Lazygirl update: She has seen the light and it is shining bright. I explain to her that I would no longer be her therapist or coach. It is time for her to make a real plan about her weight lose and stick with it. I told her she was regressing back to her old ways and I was not going to be part of it. She understood and admitted it was time for her to get serous and apologize for using me as her dumping ground.

She finally committed to a plan that focuses on eating healthier and building endurance. This is a a good step for her because she had not made a true commitment or even talked about why it was important to be healthier. Lazygirl, enjoys talking about reducing her weight but not acting on it. For me talk is cheap and it is a total waste of my time. Lazygirl understands that now it is up to her start putting things into place and stand on her own two feet. I told her that my services are no longer available at the drop of a dime but I will continue to support her as a silent friend. Finally, I told her that we could reflect on our progress on November 19th if she like and she agree that would be a good date.

My weekend plans: Mango Ginger body scrub w/Vichy Shower and Halloween Bar-B-Que party.

Question of the day: What do you do to step out your comfort zone?

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend. Don't forget daylight savings! The Holidays are her again!


  1. Hi LG! I found your blog from comments on another. I love you categorizing goals - fantastic idea that I might have to incorporate. Also good to incorporate "social and pamper". It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, a positive attitude, and a plan. This will all greatly help you on this journey.

    I just wrote a post 2 days ago called "Uncomfort Zone". If you get a chance, check it it out. For this weekend as I prepare to go on a big trip, it feels like I'll be living outside my comfort zone! And fitness wise, I have to not exercise due to a bad knee. That's very uncomfortable for me. Good luck - I'll be back.

  2. Oh I love this post girl!!! What FABULOUS new classes!! Love it!! It's good to step out of the comfort zone...that's what I did by joining the gym...exciting stuff! :)