Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On a "Qi Gong" High!

This will be a short post today because the only thing I can think about is keeping my Qi Gong high. Today my body was sore from my step class yesterday and my weight lifting class today. The cure that came to mind was a relaxing Qi Gong class. So I decided to go to the class for some much needed relaxation. We did a ton of breathing, playing with our fingers and rubbing ourselves. It's sounds very strange but it a wonderful way to relax the deep muscles. I think most of the folks in the studio was force to take the class because of possible anger management issues. I felt a little out of place but once again it's was not about the people in the class but the benefits of the exercise to me. We all set in a circle for 1 hour just relaxing and breathing very deep. This is a great exercise but I have to say that my favorite is Tia Chi because it feels more like a relaxing workout. But I really needed this class today because I have maxed out my muscles.

Today I scheduled a full body massage for this weekend so this will help repair my beat up muscles. I also have a Vichy Shower and massage scheduled one week from Friday. The Vichy shower is my all time favorite body treatment. It is so relaxing to have someone wash, scrub, and massage my body all in the same day. It's my heaven on earth. I decided when I started this journey to pamper myself with one spa day and two massages a month. This is my way of rewarding myself for all the hard work.

Exercise: Yoga and Boot Camp is on the schedule for tomorrow.

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  1. That sounds awesome! I used to scoff at things like that, but the more hectic my life gets, I totally understand it.