Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lazy Girl Update!

My office entered a pumpkin carving contest today and won 1st place for the most creative. It was a lot of fun.

Update on "Lazy Girl" and the chicken fat: She did it, she gave in and ate the chicken fat but she did not stop there. She ate fried zucchini, a lot of cheese and the next day she ate fried hot wings. She explained how once she open the flood gates of fatty foods should could not stop. I have to say that I was disappointed and I did not want to hear her reasons for eating those foods. Her first excuse was: "I never agreed to remove the fat and I knew going in that I was going to eat the fat." Second excuse was: It was my day and I did not want to think about eating healthy. I told her that those foods are like the drug "crack" and she needed to stay after from them at all times. To me she looked so defeated and down. I told her to get back on track and start again but she really need to understand her reasons for dropping weight. This is a personal choice and she need to make the decision to give 100%. So that is the rest of the story.

My feelings about "Lazy Girl": This not going to be pretty but here goes. She is a failure when it comes to dropping the weight. She has always been that way and I feel she will never change because she don't want to do the work. Her only reason for dropping the weight is to fit in smaller clothes but that is not enough for her to put in the work to drop the weight. She don't want to stick with a plan or exercise. It's all about talk, talk, talk with no actions. I can not take it anymore, I can not baby her, and I will not continue to listen to her noise about dropping the weight. This is a well educated lady, mentally healthy, no serious illnesses, and nothing to hold her back because her kids are grown. I feel she is wasting my time and sucking all my energy. I am very disappointed in her because I know she can do it if she just try.

My decision about "Lazy Girl": My decision is to take a break from her for the entire month of November starting tomorrow when I talk with her. I will not allow her to talk about what she is eating or doing to drop the weight. I realized that she need a personal trainer and I am not that person. This task of dropping weight has been my life for over 90 days and I am very proud of myself and so many others for committing. My mind and body is still a work in progress so I can not focus on her until my life is together 100%. I feel anger towards her because I have taken this task on and it is so important for me to be healthy. She is not serious and that bothers. So she is on her own from this day forward but I wish her luck. She need to focus on health not clothes size. We're at a crossroad and we must go it alone. I have a passion for this and she does not. That is her choice at this time.

Shocking Salt Recommendation: I read today that our government recommend we eat only 2400 mg of salt per day. Okay, this is the shocking part: 2400 mg of salt = 1 teaspoon per day. Do you all eat more or less salt per day? I ate way more before today. I will be thinking more about the sugar and salt that goes into my body each day.

Next month exercise plan: For the past two day I have been working on my workout schedule for next month. It's going to be jammed packed with cycling, weight lifting and yoga classes. I can see some very early morning at the gym because all the cycling classes start at 5:00 a.m. I even have a workout planned for Thanksgiving. My goal is to work harder and smarter for the next 12 weeks. Today is week 1 and I had my picture taken and I plan to take one every week for the next 12 weeks. Week 13 will be the big reveal.

Next month food plan: For the month of November I have decided to pick a food theme plan. I want to shake up my eating habits and bring in some new dishes. I'm going to eat from the Mediterranean diet plan. This plan includes less meats and more fish. Less starch and more beans/ lentils. Tons of veggies and fruits my favorite. Tonight I had grilled salomon w/veggie salad. Eating fish was a refreshing change. I will also share recipes.

So that is it. I wish you all a wonderful day tomorrow. Peace!

There will be a "lazy girl" update tomorrow.


  1. It sounds like "lazy girl" knows what she needs to be doing, but has a hard time actually doing it. I can relate to that sometimes. Good job distancing yourself from that toxicity.

  2. I understand about her draining the energy from you...but if she truly wants some good advice and asks it of you, I hope you'll find it in your heart to give it. It took me a long time and many, many "trys" before I finally got it right.

    I love Mediterannean food!! Can't wait to see some of the recipes you share!! :)