Thursday, October 29, 2009

Losing weight can save you money!

Yesterday I stopped by Target to pick up a few workout t-shirts and made an interesting discovery. I walked over to the Jr. section and found a ton of cute shirts for $5 a piece. Wow! I hit the jack-pot, what a blessing I thought. So of course I had to grab five of them in different colors and all in a size x-large. I had the biggest smile on my face not because of the size but because of the cost.

Since I am a curious person I decided to check out the price of the same t-shirt in WW section. In comparison, the same shirt in the larger sizes were selling for $14.99 per piece. I have to admit that I was a little shock about the cost. So, out comes the phone calculator to find out Target punishment for the fat folks. The cost difference was: Jr. size -5 shirts + Calif. taxes = $27.19 and WW size @ $14.99 + Calif. taxes = $81.51 so by reducing my weight I saved a whopping $54.32. This is a huge awareness and one of many reasons to continue on my journey to a healthier and thinner me. In my opinion Target is not a good friend to obese folks when it comes to clothes.

My question of the day: Have you notice a reduction in clothing cost since you have reduced your waistline?

Lazy Girl update: Yes, I had the talk and I will post the outcome tonight or tomorrow morning. It's was a really good conversation and a break through for her.

Have a wonder day!


  1. Absolutely! I noticed when I was the "average" size, that all the clearance racks would be picked over for sizes L and XL and sizes 12 and 14 jeans. There were always tons of S and M shirts and jeans smaller than 8s.
    Now I can shop on those clearance racks and I LOVE it!

  2. I haven't lost enough to notice yet...still In Women's sizes. Was a 26.28 when I started....lost 30 lbs and bought a few items that are 22.24, and I think I'm just about ready for some 18.20's now....but I can't wait to get to the cheaper clothes!!! So glad you're already there...great job! :)

  3. I think about this a lot. By losing weight I eat less food, which means less groceries = less money. If I lose enough weight I won't need any more bath sheets, just bath towels - they are cheaper. I'll have less surface area so I'll probably need less soap. Nylons and Undies and bras cost less. Here's to saving money!