Thursday, October 15, 2009

Locking the Doors...!

Today I need to talk about the doors that are behind me now. I have named all my weight realizations doors. Since this journey begun in late July I have walked through many doors to get to this period in my life. These doors are the ones I have left open or cracked for over 20 years. These doors have been my confusions, distractions, burdens, heartaches, justifications, and enablers. I have listed these doors by name and reasons for keeping them open in the past.

1. Door of distraction - inside this door I had to face what was keeping me from dropping the weight. This door gave me freedom to give-up on me and my goals. Before I could close this door behind I had say no to giving up and yes to drop the weight. I decided to focus on myself for 6 months and not allow anything or anyone to stand in my way. So, I decided to get out of my own way and make it happen. I have locked this door behind me never to open it again.

2. Door of a unhealthy eating - inside this door I had to face the fact that my eating habits were unhealthy for my life. I had to question everything that went into my body because if I did not my health would have continue to decline and my weight would have continued to increase. All my attempts to reduce the weight in the past failed because I never took the time to educate myself on healthy eating habits or setting food boundaries. But now I have locked this door behind me never to open it again.

3. Door of inactivity - inside this door I had to face the truth that the lack in exercise was bad for my health. I had to face the fact that exercise is important on this journey and I had to give 100% everyday. Exercise has played a huge roll in my weight reduction so it must be in the plan. Now this door is locked behind me never to open again.

There are so many doors that I have locked behind me never to open again. I am so happy that I allowed myself to face these doors head-on and deal with them ASAP. These doors are my past and path to a healthier me. I have to thank God for giving me the wisdom and love for myself to walk through these doors. There will be many doors to go through and I look forward to that walk because in the end I will be a better person for it.

Exercise: missed class today because I had a meeting so I will be hitting the cardio blast really hard tomorrow and Saturday.

Food: No cravings for sweets or fatty foods. My boundary list is working very well.

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  1. You are doing so well with your lifestyle changes! Most people don't try to "get to the bottom" of things, but you are and I think that will make this a forever change for you.