Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just a few thoughts!

Recapping thoughts:

Exercise: I hit my weight lifting class today really hard. The instructor told us that today was all about the inner thighs. After the 3rd thigh exercise my legs felt like jello. The workout hurt so bad but I made it happen. This guy in front of me had to take many break between each routine. I give him a little smile to let him know that it was okay to pass-out. This class is so brutal, it can make a grown man cry. My friend said the class is hell on earth but she loves it. It's not for the weak!

Food: My food choices has been very healthy. No cravings or binging moments. As of today my house is a white rice and pasta free zone. I have binged on these foods for so many years and it feels good to have said bye-bye. I will allow myself to eat these foods on occasion but only outside my home. My coworker thinks since I stopped eating these foods my weight has drop a lot in just 4 weeks. My body is much smaller now.

Yoga: This week I realized that I need to add a few more yoga classes to my monthly routine so I am on the hunt for a yoga studio. My gym offers yoga classes and I appreciate that but I need an environment that is more relaxing and exclusive. I am hopeful that I will find the studio before the beginning of November. Yoga was another class that I disliked but I forced myself to attend and now I can not see my life without it. Yoga is one class that I crave.

Weekend: My classes will include Pilates, swimming and spinning. For relaxation: 1 hour massage. For fun: bowling party.

To all my blogging friends have a wondering weekend!

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  1. Your weekend sounds action packed! I love pilates and yoga! I just have no time for them. I do a lil at home but thats about it. and that class does sound like hell, haha Well hope you have fun this weekend!